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Xikar 2020 New Releases


When it comes to cigar accessories, XIKAR is truly a cut above the rest (see what I did there?). Known by aficionados across the globe for their exacting quality, bold colors, innovative designs, and lifetime warranties, the XIKAR brand is an easy go-to recommendation whenever you're looking to "accessorize." And their 2020 new releases are some of the best I've ever seen from the brand. From their first soft flame lighter in the Meridian, to the XO-style Enso cutter, to the rugged new Tactical line, each and every one of these accessories is a great addition to your arsenal of lighting and cutting hardware.        

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Xikar Tactical Lighter Single Lighter - Black
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 $69.99 Shop Now
Xikar Enso Circle Cutter - Black
 $99.99 Shop Now
Xikar Meridian Triple Flame Lighter Black/Gunmetal
 $127.99 Shop Now

Shop the new XIKAR Meridian lighter, XIKAR Enso cutter, Xikar Tactical Triple Flame lighter, and Xikar Tactical 1 lighter right here at Cigars International. Enjoy low prices on cigar lighters and cigar cutters from the best cigar accessory brand on Earth here at the sunny shores of CI.