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Undercrown by Drew Estate


Undercrown cigars - born on the factory floor of La Gran Fabrica. Here's the skinny: when Drew Estate first introduced by Liga Privada, demand was so high that they couldn't sacrifice any cigars. So, they told their roller they couldn't take Ligas home anymore. After a little ingenuity and innovation, the rollers blended a cigar with the leftover tobaccos from Liga Privada, and thus, Undercrown Maduro was born. Since then, it's spawned two sequels: Shade and Sun Grown, each just as delicious as the original. With all three of these blends carrying ratings of '91' or higher, it's safe to say that any Undercrown is a surefire bet.

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Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro Cigars
As low as $16.50
Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Cigars
As low as $35.00
Drew Estate Undercrown Sun Grown Cigars
As low as $16.50