The Incredible Bulk Sale

Welcome one and all to The Incredible Bulk Sale. Here's the scoop. One late night of office shenanigans resulted in a dare to the intern to drink a month old mixture of choice items I can't even mention on here. Down the hatch it went, and a minute later this fool started turning green and sprouting enough muscle mass to make Goldberg look like a tiny schoolgirl. Bad decision by all parties involved - ever since, he's only said four words, "BULK SMASH HIGH PRICES". Needless to say, we leave him be now. I really couldn't tell you what he does here anymore...until this hellacious deal popped up. The intern's gone batty, he's slashed prices up to 74% off on bulk from the hottest manufacturers in the biz, and we're too afraid to make him stop. So I'd recommend stocking up before this concoction wares off. 

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