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Savinelli has been crafting high-quality pipes since 1876. Founded in Milan, Italy, Savinelli was one of the first pipe companies to realize, and embrace, the benefits of briar pipes. This catapulted them to the top and solidified their place as one of the world’s premier pipe makers. Thanks to hard work and continued innovation, Savinelli hasn’t missed a beat over the years. And today, they have extended their craft to cigars. By utilizing the cigar industry’s hottest cigar manufacturers, like Arturo Fuente and Oliva, Savinelli cigars continue the proud traditions that were well established over 130 years ago. Savinelli easily ranks amongst the most premium names in both cigars and pipes.


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Savienlli Bianca

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Savinelli 88 Brown

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Savinelli Elegance

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Savinelli Hercules

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Savinelli Noce

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