Rollback 2016

Time travel. One of the great quandaries of man. Possible, or not? The answer has plagued brainiac and fool alike. But today, it matters not. Because thanks to my discounting prowess, you can stock up on 2016's best deals. We've rolled prices back to days of old, and slathered the entire lineup in savings. That means even if you could build a Delorean, it wouldn't matter. The lowest prices of the year have returned, and we're welcoming 2017 with 27 different options as low as $19.99. It doesn't take an astrophysicist to figure out this is one hell of an offer. Great Scott!

For one week only, select from 
27 amazing cigar deals at the best prices of 2016. Go on, secure scrumptious handmades, from the brands you know and love, for as little as $19.99. Save up to 90% off MSRP, and pay a fraction of retail, but only while supplies last. 

Diesel, Alec Bradley, Gurkha, Cohiba, La Aurora, ACID, La Perla, CAO, 5 Vegas, Punch, Rocky, and so (so!) much more.
 Awesome cigars, crafted into big, generous sizes....yours starting under $1 apiece. Impossible prices for our top-selling cigars and chart-topping deals, delivering obscene savings and hours of memorable, cigar-burning bliss with every purchase. Guaranteed. Scour the list below - over $2,700 in combined savings are at play here - and enjoy superior cigars at superior prices.
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Belicoso, Churchill, Cigarillos, Corona, Double Perfecto, Gordo, Lancero/Panatela, Petite Corona, Pyramid, Robusto, Short Robusto, Toro, Torpedo
As low as $10.00
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Belicoso, Churchill, Cigarillos, Double Corona, Gordo, Lancero/Panatela, Lonsdale, Petite Corona, Presidente, Robusto, Toro
As low as $19.00