NUB Grab n' Go Samplers

Look, we know there are people who want to sit and burn a cigar for 3 hours at a time. Hey, more power to them! But if you're looking for a quick experience and don't want to sacrifice quality, go for NUB. They're blended to hit the sweet spot immediately after you light them, and hit the sweet spot they do. You know what else hits the spot? The NUB Grab n' Go Samplers from Cigars International! You'll get 5 cigars and a high-quality Herf-a-Dor travel case to keep them in, and you'll only pay $24.99! The outrageously low price is just the cherry on top, and exactly what you can expect from your friends at Cigars International.

Samplers of 5 NUB cigars by Oliva, including a Herf-a-Dor travel humidor to keep your premium, handmade cigars humidified and fresh. Get five fine Nicaraguan cigars in your choice of Maduro, Sumatra, Connecticut, Habano, Nicaraguan, and Cameroon wrappers plus a 5-cigar travel case for just $24.99 at Cigars International.