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Weekend Spotlight - Macanudo Inspirado


Macanudo is a world-famous brand of cigars – renowned for their consistency and quality. When most people hear the name, they immediately think of the Café blend – a smooth and mellow Dominican fit for any occasion. But today, Macanudo is much more than that. They’ve been building up the Inspirado line blend by blend over the past few years, and now 5 blends deep, it’s quite impressive. This weekend all boxes get hit with a rare EXTRA $20 OFF discount, and I’m tossing in a little Macanudo bag to boot!

Let’s get one thing straight – these ain’t your gran pappy’s Macanudos. The Inspirado line is crafted across several regions – The Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras – and explores some unique tobaccos to provide a new Macanudo experience. Inspirado Red hails from Nicaragua to produce a full-bodied flavor bomb with dark and rich flavors. Inspirado Orange comes from Honduras and has earned a 92-rated for its upscale nutty profile. The brand new Green blend features an exotic blend of Brazilian, Indonesian, Colombian, and Dominican tobaccos to deliver a complex medium bodied performance. I could go on, but my point is that there’s a whole new world of Macanudo for you to explore, and its all backed with the outstanding quality Macanudo is known for. 

Come grab a box of Macanudo Inspirado at an additional $20 Discount, score a Free Macanudo Bag, and save over 40% on a rarely discounted brand. It all starts at just $88.65 per box.

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