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La Perla Habana Pallet Sale


This one is a first for the digital and print crowd, but for the PA locals, this offer should set off the Pavlovian response, complete with gobs of drool. In our retail locations, we periodically throw a 'Pallet Sale', a discounting event that draws people from around the corner to across state lines. It's simple. Grab a pallet, put product on it, discount the snot out of everything. That's all true here, except it's taking place in our state-of-the-art warehouse. I've stacked up boxes of 6 different La Perla Habana blends, hit them with a fat, borderline silly discount, and am prepared to ship them all for free. EVERYTHING IS $2 to $3 per cigar, with no shipping charges. 

For this week only, or while supplies last, the savings top out here at 78% off, making this a most prime opportunity. From the 93-rated Morado, to the timeless Classic, there's 6 different blends up for grabs - 17 options in total. 20-counts start at just $39.99, and don't go a penny over $59.99. Grab a couple while the goin' is good, because the gravy train can only last so long.

Boxes of La Perla Habana as little as $39.99 and shipped for free. 

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