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Java by Drew Estate Box Freebie


Crafted with some of the finest tobaccos known to man and gloriously aged in premium coffee, it's definitely safe to say that Rocky Patel's Java is a winner across the board. And today, we're offering you a doubleshot of deliciousness that's sure to go down smooth. That's right lads, for a limited time, we'll throw an additional 10 Java by Drew Estate Robustos (worth $106) in FREE with any qualifying Java box purchase. There's a handful of great blends up for grabs — the toasty Java Latte, the rich and bold original Java Maduro, the fresh and spicy Java Mint, or the brand spankin' new Java Red. 

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Get 10 free Rocky Patel Javas by Drew Estate when you grab a box of your favorite Java cigars at Cigars International.