ICON Boxes + Free $25 CI Bucks!

Most cigars fall within two buckets - National or Boutique. However, which products fall where is a hot topic of debate. Some of the brands featured in my Spotlight could be considered National, some boutique. But just like the chicken or the egg, the answer doesn’t matter a whole lot. In the end, each and every one is an icon in the cigar industry. Well-known, respected brands that have been around for years. Brands that people pay regular price for, daily. Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch, Partagas, Macanudo, and CAO. And today, I’ve got a box of each of them on the table for only $74.99 + $25 CI BUCKS FREE.

You catch that last part? Yup, $25 CI Bucks is FREE with each box purchased. The wheels are greased, it’s time to hop in and take a ride. 

The cigars are good, the price is great, and the FREE $25 CI Bucks is downright nuts! Grab a box from one of the top-selling, most storied brands in the business for over 50% off, and then come back with your CI Bucks and get some more!

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