Gurkha El Gordo Herf-A-Dor Combos

Gurkha Goes El Gordo! 

Those who have been a loyal member of CI Nation for some time know now the glory of our El Gordo combos – a veritable savings machine, each selection in this premium assortment contains 5 absolute best-sellers along with a 5-capacity travel case and a Rockwell Gun Metal Quad Torch Lighter. Today, Gurkha fame invades the soils of El Gordo, and offers up 10 decadent selections of their best blends. Included in each Gurkha El Gordo, you’ll find FIVE Gurkha cigars of your chosen blend, plus a Gurkha branded 5-cigar travel case, and a wicked-hot quad-torch lighter

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Belicoso, Churchill, Cigarillos, Corona, Double Perfecto, Gordo, Lancero/Panatela, Petite Corona, Pyramid, Robusto, Short Robusto, Toro, Torpedo
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Belicoso, Churchill, Cigarillos, Double Corona, Gordo, Lancero/Panatela, Lonsdale, Petite Corona, Presidente, Robusto, Toro
As low as $19.00

Shop the Gurkha El Gordo Herf-A-Dor combos at Cigars International for some of the best cigar samplers on the web! Each Gurkha El Gordo combo includes five of the best Gurkha cigar blends plus free cigar accessories - a 5-capacity travel case and quad torch lighter.