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Gurkha Christmas Blowout

As fair warning, I'm cutting right to the chase, with groundbreaking, headline news. Starting now, feast your eyes on the biggest Gurkha sale EVER. Ahem, that's right, EVER. At CI, we carry more Gurkha than all of our competitors combined. Short of flying a flag on our roof, we're the veritable HQ for everything Gurkha. Our stockpile of handmade treats could make the National Treasury Department blush. And to prove we aren't afraid to show off the size of our competition whoopin' stick, we've unleashed the most massive, earth-shattering sale on Gurkha the world has ever seen: tons of Gurkha deals in total, slapped, slathered, and deep-fried in monumental savings.​ All your favorite handmade creations are in attendance (Beast, Titan, Centurian, Symphony, Shaggy and more), and all have been discounted up to 90% off! Oh yes, dream the impossible dream friend. Because this weekend, Gurkha prices magically transform before your eyes. Act now and soak in over $10,000 in combined savings. Oh yes, it's the Gurkha event of a lifetime and it's nuttier than a squirrel's sh...errr living room. 
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