Grounds & Hounds

We joke around here a lot, but let’s be serious for a minute. Grounds & Hounds is a new coffee brand that you need to be paying attention to. Why do I say that? This company was founded to help support animal and rescue shelters, saving dogs across the country. 20% of every single dollar that Grounds & Hounds makes goes to local animal shelters in order to support man’s best friend. This is a mission we can all get behind, and if you’re looking for delicious coffee, why not buy from a brand who’s going to donate that money to an amazing cause?

But let’s talk about the coffees. Every Grounds & Hounds offering is 100% Fair Trade and Certified Organic, and absolutely delectable. From their lightly roasted Single-Origin offerings, to their dark, savory blends, Grounds & Hounds has something that every coffee lover can enjoy. So go ahead. Grab a bag, grind these beans, make a mug, and take the dog for a walk.