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Dunhill Box Blowout


14 boxes as low as $37.50! Discounts as high as 68%.

If I offered to sell you a Porsche for family sedan prices, you'd be signing on the dotted line and out the door before the ink could dry. Well, I'm no car salesman, but this weekend I've got a deal on a luxurious brand that'll have you high-tailing it to checkout quicker than you can say 'yes'. Behold, the mighty Dunhill brand, a lineup of high-end stunners that are being wrung through my discounting vice. 5 blends - 14 options total - all up to 67% off. The action starts at just $37.50. 

Under normal circumstances, scoring a box of Dunhill would set you back a king's ransom. Upwards of $270 per box. Yikes. But don't go dipping into your 401k early, I've clipped the wings of this high-flying brand to bring it crashing down to earth. Good stuff to pick from too. How about the 93-Rated, #18 cigar of 2015, Heritage? Got your interest? Good. There's plenty of others. The 93-rated Signed Range, Aged Dominican, and more. The only downside is the inventory looks like an EKG meter. Some high, some low. And in case you didn't hear, Dunhill cigars are headed to the land of retirement... so there won't be a next time. 

Choose from 14 different boxes, save up to $135 a box.

*Prices valid from 8/18/18 until 8/25/18.

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Dunhill Box Blowout. Only for a limited time at Cigars International.