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Hot damn, son! Come on down to funky town and save a boatload on the best infused cigars in the world. This week's special is one hell of a deal. I’ve gathered up a slew of Drew Estate's popular “non-traditional” creations, smacked them with big juicy discounts – up to $132 Off boxes. That’s nice. But get this:

We sourced some awesome collectable ACID Spray Can Lighters ($25 value) to go along with that iconic Drew Estate vibe, and with each box you purchase, you can tack one on for just $5 more!

ACID, CI Legends, Tabak Especial, and Deadwood, it’s all here! All chart-topping sellers, these are the best infused and non-traditional cigars in the game. So don’t fight it! Up to 59% OFF combined savings! Even if you think you don’t want them, this week you do. Get in there and light it up!