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Diesel Superslam Battle Royale


Empty your humidor - heck buy another one if you need to - this Diesel box deal is wild. Extra $20 off ALL BOXES + FREE Xikar Torch Lighter + FREE Shipping.

Diesel is our top-selling full-bodied line of cigars, year after year. It's not even a contest. Second place can hardly be placed on the same pedestal. The vault has been opened, and it's time to grab as much as you can...and run. From the original blend that started it all, Unholy Cocktail, to the celebratory Diesel d.10th, it's all low-hanging fruit this weekend. Diesel, in a box, for as little as $3 apiece with a FREE Xikar Torch, and Shipping on da house. Don't fight it...give in to the warm embrace of Diesel boxes at all-times lows. 

6 juicy blends. 17 different options up for grabs. Up to 65% off. This ain't no bull. So fill thy cart with Diesel boxes now....

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Shop the Diesel Superslam Battle Royale and save $20 off Diesel boxes + Free Torch Lighter + Free Shipping at Cigars International!