Listen, you and I both know there’s a veritable pile of cigar brands on the market today. “Handmade,” “premium,” “quality control” — eventually they all start to blend together and sound the same. Enter Cult. Carefully manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua at the revered TACASA factory, these stogies are anything but ordinary. If you’re unfamiliar with the factory, it’s a small boutique operation known for producing some top-notch handmades. And as weird as the Cult name might sound, these are as legit as they come.

From the very first puff the original Cult blend makes its presence known. A pleasant tea-like flavor complemented by a gentle spice keeps this one well-balanced and pleasant any time of day. Cult Fuerte answers the call for an edgier, bolder cigar with a rich core of a bold, hearty array of flavors. And Cult Blood Red Moon is a delicious collection of small cigars perfect for those “in-between” times. Once you try this one, you’ll be ready to don the cloak and get inducted into the Cult. 


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