Cool Sh!t

On any given day you’re as likely to find a game of ladderball going on in the middle of the office as you are to discover it’s unofficially become Breakfast Sandwich Tuesday. We work hard, but we play even harder. I’m not gonna lie – it’s a really awesome place to work. And with all the gadgets and gizmos we’ve amassed over the years, it’s almost impossible to have a boring day. The more time we spent having tons of fun with all these awesome finds, the more I thought, hey, I bet our customers would be into this stuff, too. And without further ado, Cool Sh!t was born.

So now I’m here with something for each and every one of you. Consider yourself a Weaponry Worshiper? Check out our Benchmade and Gerber knives, our ginormous machete, or the unique wallet ninja, which is a weapon of convenience. Conservative boozer? I’ve got ice cube molds that’ll keep your drink from getting watered down, an electric corkscrew that works at the touch of a button, the super high-tech Perfect Drink App, and a TrackR device that...err...keeps track of your crap after all that boozin’. 21st Century Rockers will appreciate a plethora of portable Bluetooth speakers and a USB power bank to keep it all charged up. Active Gluttons, break out yer bib and prepare to feast! I’m serving up a breakfast sandwich maker, a man-sized bowl, multiple grill items, yard games, and a big ‘n sturdy man chair.

This Cool Sh!t has been hand-selected with awesomeness in mind, in a valiant attempt to give you a taste of the wild, crazy antics that go on around here on a daily basis. If you’re in a pinch, it also makes for some excellent holiday gift giving.

Welcome to the club, gents.
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