Cohiba cigars are the most well-known cigars in the entire world. Need more info than that? You got it. Synonymous with extravagant taste and complex flavor, true cigar enthusiasts know Cohiba to be one of the best cigars brands around. Originally crafted in the streets of Havana, Cuba, this is a classic that everyone’s heard of. Today, these premium handmade cigars are manufactured in the Dominican Republic, but they’ve stayed just as delicious and artistic as they were from the start.

Since then, Cohiba has done much to keep up with the cigar industry. 
Cohiba Comador was crafted by Jay-Z himself, and epitomizes the definition of top-shelf
luxury. For the fans of full-bodied cigars, Cohiba Nicaragua introduced a mixture of finely aged tobacco leaves into a bolder profile than Cohiba’s other classic blends. But of course, the most popular Cohiba cigar has always been the original. Cohiba Red Dot is the result of five years of intense research and study. These blenders wanted to make a perfect replica of the original Cuban Cohiba, and have done so flawlessly. It’s 90+ rated countless times, and its undeniably creamy and smooth. You can shop all of Cohiba's fantastic blends here, at Cigars International, for the best prices available.


Cohiba Black

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Cohiba Blue

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Cohiba Luxe

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Cohiba Macassar

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Cohiba Nicaragua

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Cohiba Puro Dominicana

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Cohiba Red Dot

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Cohiba Spectre

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