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Cigars From $25 - $50


For under $50, you can pick up a nice handful of your favorite cigars. Many brands play in this arena, especially when you're looking for 5-packs. Rocky Patel Decade, ACID Kuba Kuba, Diesel Unholy Cocktail... all these and many more await in this veritable bazaar of discounted cigar madness.         

3 Up 5 Up List
La Gloria Cubana Cigars
As low as $14.55
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniv. Champagne Cigars
As low as $18.50
Cuban Classics Doble Capa Handmade Cigars
As low as $44.99

Shop all of our cigars from $25 - $50. With hundreds of 5-packs and bundles available, this is your go-to if you want cigars at a great value.