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Cigars from $2 to $4

When the urge for a good cigar comes along, you don’t want to let it fester. You want total satisfaction. And with prices ranging between $2 and $4, you can always come back for more. If you’ve got an itch for a quality handmade at a wallet-friendly price, these cigars are your remedy.   
Super-Premium Rosado 2nds Cigars
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Baccarat Nicaragua Cigars
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The Upsetters Cigars
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Alec Bradley Tempus Fumas Cigars
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Rocky Patel's Big Burrito Mega-Sampler  20 Cigars
$228.05Only $79.99In Stock

Shop hundreds of cigars from $2 to $4 a stick, right here at Cigars International. This includes the likes of CAO Brazilia, Diesel, Macanudo, and more!