Cigar Night in a Box

Take the Pain out of Planning.

Does the thought of planning your organization’s upcoming fundraiser give you heartburn?  Wondering how you’re going to have the time to get all the cigars and accessories for your lil’ bro’s bachelor party? Introducing Cigar Night in a Box, an uber-affordable soup to nuts solution giving you all you need to host an epic cigar event – premium handmade cigars, lighters, cutters, and raffle prizes or giveaways.  I’ll even make you look like a rockstar with a host package including information on the cigar blends, cigar making, and pairing suggestions.  Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, wait til you get a load of this…I’ll also provide free shipping and top it off with insane exclusive offers for those attending your event!  How’s that for a cherry on your sundae?  ​