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Since 1858, Butz-Choquin has been hand crafting some of the world’s most distinctive yet functional pipes. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Choquin and his son-in-law Gustave Butz, Butz-Choquin pipes have been ahead of their time since day one. Choquin and his son were some of the first pipe makers to craft their pipes out of briar, an untraditional material at the time. They quickly became known as the fore-runners for finely crafted French pipes. Still made in France today, Butz-Choquin pipes are heavily sought after for their fusion of unconventional and creative designs, with practical and more traditional elements. Currently a member of the Berrod-Regad group, Butz-Choquin pipes continue to set the pace for the world’s most eye-catching and fascinating pipes.


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