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Big Ben Vintage Pipe Starter Kits


Looking to get started in the world of pipes and pipe tobaccos? CI's got your back. Introducing Big Ben's Vintage Pipe Starter Kits - a veritable assortment of everything you need to get set up on the road to pipe-puffing success! Each Big Ben Vintage Starter Kit includes one high-quality briar pipe, crafted in the Royal Dutch factory in the Netherlands, plus a cloth sleeve for travel, a set of pipe cleaners, and an uber-helpful "how to" book that teaches you the ins and outs of your new pipe. So just pick your favorite style, grab a nice tobacco, and get puffing!

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Learn how to start smoking a pipe with our Big Ben Vintage Starter Kits. These assortments are some of the best pipe starter kits on the market. Includes an instructional "how to" booklet on enjoying a pipe.