Archetype Cigars

At this point, it seems a new boutique cigar brand pops up on the market nearly every other day. So you’ll forgive me when I didn’t pay immediate attention to the care package of Archetype cigars that showed up on my desk a few weeks back. But I’ve been kicking myself for that ever since. After devouring the samples, I immediately placed an order, knowing we had to share these fantastic new cigars with CI Nation. So pay attention, class — Archetype Cigars might just be the next great brand. 

Crafted by Ventura Cigar, Archetype describes themselves as “an exploration of nuance that rewards the discriminating palate.” Or, in plain English, they’re some damn good cigars. My personal favorite might just be the Dreamstate. Rated an insane 95 by Cigar & Spirits magazine, Dreamstate is an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapped blend that’s smooth and mellow to the core. But don’t go thinking this brand is a one trick pony — the Axis Mundi is a full-bodied Nicaraguan powerhouse. 


Archetype Axis Mundi Corona (5.0"x46) Pack of 5

Archetype Axis Mundi

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Archetype Dreamstate Cigars

Archetype Dreamstate

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Archetype Initiation Cigars

Archetype Initiation

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Archetype Sage Advice Cigars

Archetype Sage Advice

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Archetype Strange Passage Cigars

Archetype Strange Passage

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