Aged Inventory Flash Sale

I've got three words for ya. Just. Over. Cost. Indeed, it's time to kiss select boxes, bundles, and accessories goodbye, by blowing it all out for dirt cheap.

30+ items, rock-bottom prices. Any lower and I'd have to turn the lights off. Why the heavy hand? Simple. I need space. In order to clear some room in the ol' warehouse, I was forced to slash prices on select aged items. Some of it we ordered too much, some just never got utilized. Regardless, I got overzealous with the discount gun, stickering a bunch of different products for as little as $2! I take it on the chin, you make out like a bandit, and I get some valuable room back. Deal? Once you see my lineup and prices, the answer will be a resounding yes. 

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Shop our Aged Inventory Flash Sale at Cigars International and score great deals on samplers, accessories, boxed cigars, and more.