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Welcome to the sunny shores of Cigars International. The biggest, bestest cigar retailer on the planet. Whether you're new to cigars, a grizzled old vet, or a certified cigar lunatic, sleep peacefully knowing you've found your ultimate one-stop-shop for all things cigars online.

So why buy your cigars online with Cigars International? That's simple. Cigars International is home to the nation's largest cigar humidor. A cavernous, 49,000 square foot fortress securing over 80,000,000 tasty cigars. Over 950 brands stored at the optimum conditions at all times, including the brands you know, love, and enjoy regularly. Our facility, combined with our selection, industry-leading pricing, unrivaled service, and uber-fast shipping ensure a long and fruitful relationship. In short, we just might be the best damn relationship you have.

I just said a lot, which you may find hard to believe. If you've been here before, you know the drill. If not, allow me to break it down a bit with some gory details.

Get More for Less....
Take our buying power, throw in our tight relationship with the world's top cigar makers and manufacturers, sprinkle in some CI charm, and stir. The result: an unholy cocktail brewing up the best prices on the market, guaranteed. We have the cigars you want at the lowest prices, anywhere. This is our guarantee, and something we take very seriously. In addition to our everyday low(est) prices, you'll find ample deals, specials, freebies, bonus offers, and so much more. In other words, we aim to spoil you, daily.

More options than Wilt Chamberlain....
Our humidor is our baby. We feed our baby daily with massive inventories of the world's finest cigars. Genuine, authentic cigars optimally stored at all times. From Ashton to Rocky Patel, Cohiba to OpusX. You will find it here, and you will find it for less. Over 80,000,000 cigars. Over 950 brands. We can't stress that enough, and these numbers grow at a feverish pace, giving you a king's ransom of premium cigars, rare gems, closeout opportunities, and everyday values.

....and so (SO!) much more....

Do it from your barcalounger....
Ordering cigars online from Cigars International is simple, requiring nothing more than merely lifting a finger from the comfort of your barcalounger. With the simple click of a mouse, the cigars you want can be purchased securely, and delivered to your door fresh and ready to be enjoyed, with lightning fast speeds. Best of all, free shipping is available all day, every day, and your order will still arrive next day, or just a few days later. It's that simple....and since your satisfaction is our goal and guarantee, we will work like mad to ensure you're always happy with the total CI experience.

Many say the customer is always right....
....but not every retailer actually believes it, let alone lives it out. We do, and we will never become complacent. Your trust, loyalty, and satisfaction are our top priority. Something we strive for with each waking day. Something we not only work to earn, but work to keep. Allow us to prove it to you.

We're more than just a cigar shop....
We're certified cigar lunatics. We live, breathe, eat cigars. It's in our DNA and oozes out with everything we do. We love to have fun, all while offering you new and exciting ways to not only enjoy cigars, but to buy them as well.

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