Xikar XFlame Electronic Lighter

The greatest thing since sliced bread!

Welcome the newest innovation in lighters – one that’s guaranteed to put a grin from ear to ear on any of our frequent travelers. Presenting the Xikar XFlame lighter – the first completely battery operated, rechargeable, 100% windproof, travel-friendly cigar lighter. After charging this with the included USB rechargeable battery and cord, all you need to do is hold down the small button, press your cut cigar against the coil, and take a few puffs. Believe me, it’ll blow your mind how well this thing works the first time you use it. 

For the naysayers out there, let me reassure you – once you get your hands on this, you won’t understand how you travelled with cigars without it. Completely friendly on an airplane carry-on, the Xikar XFLame lighter ensures you’ll never need to buy butane or worry about your favorite cigar lighter being stolen while you fly again. 

Each piece includes the charger, a 62-ring coil, and a built in USB rechargeable lithium ion battery. Sold separately: a back-up 62-ring friendly burner coil. 

Xikar XFlame Electronic Lighter  Black
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Xikar XFlame Electronic Lighter

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4 out of 5
Nice alternative to torches.
So far this lighter has worked great. It's wind proof and portable enough to carry with you. It does get hot around the lighting element, so don't put it right back in a pocket. You'll also want to make sure you lock it/turn it off when you stow it so it doesn't fire in your pocket or bag. Those small issues aside, it lights cigars perfectly every time, though it automatically cycles off after 10 seconds. That means it generally takes a couple of cycles to get the cigar lit. I even tried a variation of the "3 matches" method with this and was able to light a cigar before cutting with 3 full 10-second cycles. It's pretty much foolproof to light cigars perfectly with no chances of scorching the wrapper.