Xikar Travel Case

Carry your cigars with Xikar

The Xikar travel case is a premiere option for cigar travel. Gone are the days of single sticks shoved into pockets along with your cellphone, keys, and wallet to inevitably get damaged when you get where you’re going. Or even worse, a plastic baggie of cigars thrown in your duffle bag left open to all the abuse of travel and airfare. No longer! With the Xikar Travel Case, you can carry five of your favorite handmades on your next vacation or weekend getaway. Each case is crushproof, watertight, and airtight, constructed of a super-strong ABS molded plastic and features two locking clasps… or, to put it short and sweet: drop your cigars in here, and forget ‘em until you’re ready to enjoy. 

The 5-Capacity Xikar Travel Humidor measures: 8 ½” x 4 ½” x 2” 

Xikar Travel Humidor - Red  5-Count
  • Xikar Travel Humidor - Red  5-Count
  • Xikar Travel Humidor - Red  5-Count
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5-Capacity - Red

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