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Xikar Cigar Locker Gift Set

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Fully loaded and protected

I’ve traveled a time or two getting to my destination to find my premiums were damaged in transit. I know you’ve experienced this too. Well, fellas, Xikar has the solution with the Cigar Locker Gift Set. The luxury model of travel cases has all the bells and whistles. Made of crushproof, high-quality ABS molded plastic, Cigar Locker features three separate EVA foam lined compartments to protect your precious cargo. 

An ultimate travel humidor, Cigar Locker is built to carry up to ten full-size cigars and withstand the bumpiest of car-rides, boat trips, and plane takeoffs with the air-tight sealed casing. Along with this durable travel humidor, the Cigar Locker gift set includes a razor-sharp Xi1 Black cutter with Gunmetal Blades, a Matte Black Xidrix Single Flame Lighter, a 3-in-1 Bottle Opener, cigar rest, and Xi cutter stand, and a Matte Black Mini-Ashtray Can. This is a gift set I’m talkin’ ‘bout – everything you need to relax with a beer and cigar in hand. 

Xikar Cigar Locker Gift Set Includes:
1 - Xi1 Black with Gunmetal Blades
1 - Matte Black Xidris Single Flame Lighter
1 - 3-in-1 Bottle Opener (Opener, Cigar Rest, Xi cutter stand)
1 - Matte Black Mini-Ashtray Can
1 - 10ct Cigar Locker - Fully Loaded & Protected Edition


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4 out of 5
I won the CI sweepstakes and received a cigar locker, ash can, bottle opener, lighter, and cutter. The lighter and cutter are different models than the ones included in this offering, but I have used the ash can and locker. The cigar locker is a decent travel humidor for short out-of-town trips. The accessory compartment and tray are great for cigar accessories and the ash can fits within the side compartment. The seal on the tray keeps cigars humidified for at least a few days. I use the ash can almost every day while I'm working. It closes pretty tightly. I keep it in a backpack and you can't smell the ashtray odor in my bag. I'd buy a cigar locker and ash can for sure if I didn't already own them, and Xicar cutters are the best. I only gave this 4 stars because the cigar locker is a bit bulky for daily use.
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1 out of 5
The lighter didn’t work(yes I used XiKar Purofine and purged it and refilled it and waited) the box is big enough to be a desk top but doesn’t hold large torpedoes or Churchill’s unless you put one at an angle and loose the space. Large gauge smokes also effect the capacity by not allowing the tray to seal properly and squish your beautiful sticks, which is anti-locker in my view. The look is nice but I find the portable ash tube unnecessary. I returned it after waiting for 2 months to get it for my birthday! I’ve never returned cigar gifts and definitely not XiKar products. It would be good if all you smoke are petites or cigarrillos and the lighter worked or just wanted to carry 5 cigars in a large container.
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