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Warped El Oso

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Tame the beast within.

In case you couldn’t tell by the ursine-themed box and band, El Oso literally translates to “the bear.” It comes to us from Warped Cigars, a brand that originally hit the scene back in 2008 before disappearing from the radar. The year 2014 marked their epic comeback, and they did it with an array of tasty handmades that prove this brand is back with a vengeance.

This fine specimen is dressed to impress, from its mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler leaves to its sultry Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Just one glance is sure to intrigue. Light it up, and notes of leather, pepper, and cocoa blast your palate, followed closely by a hint of sweetness and a long, cool finished. Medium to full-bodied and exceptionally well-balanced, this cigar marks a triumphant return for the Warped Cigars brand.

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5 out of 5
The only thing I agree with from a previous poster is the Mama is the best out of this cigar blend. El Oso or the Bear for us ‘Mericans is a delicious chocolate shake that has been bathed in cow manure and volcanic soil... in a good way. This cigar is very nuanced and I expect the other reviewer who rated it lowly has a very inexperienced palate and just could pick up what the stick was putting down. As every warped cigar I’ve ever had the construction and burn was flawless and flavors were on par for what you would expect from a Mexican San Andres or Oscuro Wrapper. A few flavor shifts throughout the smoke are a welcomed transition and keep it interesting. The only thing I would complain about is the price but my local brick and mortar always gives me 20% off since I buy so many cigars all the time. There is a reason these are sold out. As with everything made by Warped and the Man Kyle Gellis it’s a great cigar and good quality. If you like a rich dessert like cigar and are an experienced smoker than I would highly recommend it. For a novice the bitter flavor may be more in line to a semi sweet bakers chocolate. But that isn’t the only flavor in this cigar which had, earthy tones, chocolate malt, a sprinkle of white pepper and many more scattered throughout. Very enjoyable I will purchase so more again. Also the smoke coming from the foot has a very pleasant aroma. Cheers
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