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A joyous rapture for these innovative cigars

Can you imagine life without some of the genius inventions we have today? It’s tough. Gutenberg’s printing press, Bell’s telephone, Edison’s light bulb and the cheesy goodness of delivery pizza. All are innovative ideas from great minds making life a little easier. Another great invention happens to be Rapture Natural by Viva Republica, a cigar crafted with the desire to bring new ideas to an industry steeped in tradition. 

Teaming up with the oldest factory in the Dominican, La Aurora, Viva Republica gained the resources to invent one-of-a-kind blends from top-quality tobaccos. Most small boutique cigar brands can’t even get their hands on these types of exotic leaves. As their flagship line, Rapture is masterfully crafted of a three-country filler blend from Nicaragua, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, bound with a Dominican Corojo binder and finished with a gorgeous Ecuadorian Havana Vuelta Abajo wrapper. Enjoy the complex flavors of sugarcane, spice, fruit, earth, cedar, and bread from this medium to full-bodied cigar. Creamy and smooth from the start Rapture builds in strength and flavor ‘til the finish – a cigar that will keep your attention all the way til the end. 

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