Villiger Culebras - No Tip (5.5"x24) Pack of 30 [5/6]
  • Villiger Culebras - No Tip (5.5"x24) Pack of 30 [5/6]
  • Villiger Culebras - No Tip (5.5"x24) Pack of 6 [1/6]
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Villiger Culebras New

Two's company, three's a Culebra!

Villiger Culebra has to be one of the strangest cigars I've ever seen, but it's uniqueness is much of the appeal....and it's surprisingly tasty too. This traditional Culebra - 3 cigars braided into one - is a little difficult to describe. So I'll just defer to some choice phrases from the manufacturer's description: 'plaited by female hands,' 'old Cuban tradition from fine and damp cigars.' That says it all right?

Either way, they're something I'd suggest trying.  A rich and ultra-earthy blend with some interesting spice flavors. Untwist them, gather a couple friends, and you've got an instant herf!

NOTE: The packaging below identifies the number of cigars. So, for instance, the pack of 6 contains two Culebras, with 3 cigars to each Culebra. The pack of 30 contains 5 packs, each containing two Culebras, for a total of 30 cigars.

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Villiger Culebras - No Tip (5.5"x24)
Pack of 30 [5/6]In Stock$50.00
save $5.0110% off
Villiger Culebras - No Tip (5.5"x24)
Pack of 6 [1/6]Only 3 Left$9.99
Villiger Culebras -Tipped (5.5"x24)
Pack of 30 [5/6]In Stock$50.00
save $5.0110% off
Villiger Culebras -Tipped (0.0"x0)
Pack of 6 [1/6]Backordered$9.99

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These were a welcome addition to my humidor. They have a distinct, original flavor that I haven't tasted on many other cigars, and produce a thick, satisfying smoke. They tend to go out quickly if unattended to, however. Make sure to utilize the plastic tip that is inserted in the cigar - if you try to smoke it without the tip, you will end up with a mouth full of loose tobacco! I would purchase this item again, as 2 culebras is really six individual cigars, and for 12 bucks and some change, that is a pretty good deal for the great flavor these Villiger Krummes exhibit.
MD of South Vienna, OH
Love these. I'm hooked.
SM of Penngrove, CA