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Villiger Original Krumme

Actually, not so Krumme.

Villiger Original Krumme has to be one of the strangest cigars I've ever seen, but it's uniqueness is much of the appeal....and it's surprisingly tasty too. This traditional Culebra - 3 cigars braided into one - is a little difficult to describe. So I'll just defer to some choice phrases from the manufacturer's description: 'plaited by female hands,' 'old Cuban tradition from fine and damp cigars.' That says it all right?

Either way, they're something I'd suggest trying.  A rich and ultra-earthy blend with some interesting spice flavors. You can untwist them and enjoy the cigars individually, or try to burn them all together.

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5 out of 5
Die Krummen!!! (the crooked ones in German)
These may look funny and have the little plastic ("mouthpiece"). But the tobacco is quite good. A good smoke
Customer Testimonials
These were a welcome addition to my humidor. They have a distinct, original flavor that I haven't tasted on many other cigars, and produce a thick, satisfying smoke. They tend to go out quickly if unattended to, however. Make sure to utilize the plastic tip that is inserted in the cigar - if you try to smoke it without the tip, you will end up with a mouth full of loose tobacco! I would purchase this item again, as 2 culebras is really six individual cigars, and for 12 bucks and some change, that is a pretty good deal for the great flavor these Villiger Krummes exhibit.
Love these. I'm hooked.