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Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee

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A genuinely unique cigar.

Victor Sinclair's Connecticut Yankee features a Connecticut-grown Havana-seed leaf. Genuine Connecticut-grown, Havana-seed leaf is not common, as it is neither broadleaf nor shade-grown. However, 4 years ago Victor Sinclair purchased a small, experimental cache of this rare wrapper tobacco....and the results are nothing short of delicious.

Indeed, the wrapper delivers a distinctively smooth, rich flavor. And combined with its premium blend of aged Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers, Connecticut Yankee offers a medium-bodied experience with a unique, mature bouquet of flavor including some rich, toasty and chocolatey notes.

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Overall Rating 4.12 out of 5 Based on 49 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee”

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4 out of 5
4 Star
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Showing 1-50 of 93 Reviews
5 out of 5
Good cigar, smooth and pleasant.
5 out of 5
Found the one
This Stick as become my däily, I have been trying different cigärs and have had a lot of stinkers but glory be the Victor truck me like a bolt of lighting after lighting up the first one. mellow to the point it doesn't leave an aftertaste like the Russian army have been partying in your mouth. The burn was even with no relights and it held it's ash quite nicely. For the price i urge you to give it a try I don't think you'll be disappointed.
5 out of 5
Think it was a excellent
Think it was a excellent cigar enjoyed them very much
3 out of 5
Must have been a bad 20
Severaval of the cigars would not stay lit. Was very frustrated with them. Will try one more time and see if it was just this box. Have had good luck in past with Sinclair. Just very disappointed with this box
4 out of 5
VS cigars
Nice and smooth cigar great with Henny White 😁
5 out of 5
Great value
Great smoke for a great price. I save my more expensive smokes for me and smoke these with friends
4 out of 5
The Victor Sinclair cigars are a good value product.
5 out of 5
VC Connecticut Yankee Churchhill
Very good smoke! Easy draw, abundant smoke growing a one inch plus perfectly formed ash. Will buy this cigar again!
4 out of 5
Sinclair Yankees
Only have smoked a couple cigars from this shipment. A little tight draw but good flavor when it go going. Even burn, good ash.
4 out of 5
As advertised
I like fuller flavor cigars, ex: Flathead 660. I found this to be good, but underwhelming.
3 out of 5
They weren't strong enough..I don't recall if a stronger version was offered.
2 out of 5
Just not the same cigar
Just not the same cigar that was in the previous order. Not sure where or what the leaves were. No more, all-together different taste.
4 out of 5
Victor Sinclair
plenty of taste, nice plumes of smoke and just the right price....always good to have a box for every day smoking...
3 out of 5
Solid smoke for the ptice
Full flavor even burn stays lit.
5 out of 5
A good cigar for price
A good cigar for price
5 out of 5
I enjoy the churchill, but
I enjoy the churchill, but believe that next time I will go back to the torpedo
1 out of 5
Extremely disipointed
I was very disipointed with this stick. Absolutly no flavor in this cigar. I brought a 5 pack and let it sit for 40 days in my humidor. I was hoping for a nice smoke, not a great one. Unfortunlity after smoking them all and giving it a fair chance I got neither as this had no flavor at all, was poorly constructed and burned terrible. After smoking the third I knew we had problems. They where consistent and by that I mean poor. I had to relight several times and the burn was ridiculously poor. The flavor was poor as well and left nothing to want more. I was extremely disipointed as I gave these sticks a fair chance and not even one was worth the money or time. My last cigar I only burned through about the first third and tossed it not wanting to waste my smoking time with this cigar. I have smoked several Victor Sinclairs and this was not worth the time or money at least for me. I would not recommend this cigar even at a fantastic deal as you are wasting your relaxing and presious smoking time with a flavorless and poor constructed cigar, sorry to say.
4 out of 5
Nice smoke
i thought it was a good smoke with a decent draw. will order again
1 out of 5
Sorry, not impressed
This cigar looks beautiful but that's as far as it goes. I'm on my 3rd one after letting them rest in my humidor, and no change. I continue to be underwhelmed. There is no taste that I can distinguish and the ash splits in different directions. It burns quickly. I hate to provide a low rating for any product - VS makes some great cigars and CI has delivered some great cigars to me, but I don't even think I would take these if offered for free.
5 out of 5
Good burn
Great taste
4 out of 5
Size matters
Thought the 5.5/50 would be better for a quicker smoke but seem to have a flavor and draw loss from the 6/60.
5 out of 5
Good Cigar
Well made, firm, and burns slowly for a mild/medium smoke. A rather weak flavor but not unpleasant.
5 out of 5
Awesome "Just because" gift
CI makes it easy for me to pick out cigars for my husband. I love the fact that they track my last order and then recommend cigars whenever I log in. The recommendations never fail Plus The Whack-A-Deal
5 out of 5
Great service
Excellent service and best value cigar!
5 out of 5
Victor Sinclair
Good smoke, good burn - I'll buy again
2 out of 5
Not up to Victor Sinclair quality
Was the worst box of cigars I have had from Victor Sinclair. Out of the 6 cigars I have smoked so far two were disasters. Would not stay lite, burnt very uneven, poor taste, was apparently poorly filled and rolled. Four were good, mild favor, good ash holding and even burn. I would not expect this from Victor Sinclair cigars.
2 out of 5
Not as good as I
Not as good as I hoped. They don't stay lit.
5 out of 5
Awesome value
As with all VS cigars, excellent burn, ash, draw, no re-lights and flavor. Great value. Definitely a repeat buy.
5 out of 5
Solid Smoke
This is a solid cigar. Good tasting and burning. I am a mild-medium smoker and this is a nice mellow cigar. Good value.
3 out of 5
VS Connecticut Yankee Toro
Blah Blah
4 out of 5
I'll Try Again
Very good smoke for the money.
5 out of 5
Live the Victor Sinclairs!
4 out of 5
Great cigar
Good smoke. Fast deliver. Great place to shop for cigars
4 out of 5
A long time fan
All Victors are great that I have tried. I enjoyed them all.
4 out of 5
Excellent Smoke for the Price
A nice smoke for the price. I like to smoke the Cohiba Red Dot but champagne taste with beer pockets. This is the closest thing I have found at a reasonable price.
1 out of 5
A very harsh smoke. Not what I expected. I'll be dolling these out to anyone and everyone I can.
5 out of 5
Always enjoy your cigars.
I have never been disappointed in the cigars I have purchased.
4 out of 5
Great everyday cigar at a reasonable price
Great cigar at an affordable price to enjoy when outside working or relaxing at the end of the day. Great taste and even burn. Well rolled.
4 out of 5
Good schmoke
Great taste, smith draw but not a good burn.
5 out of 5
My Cigar review for CI
The cigars are fresh and tasty, not like the competitor who's are a bit stale. Great cigars and great service. KUDOS to you.
5 out of 5
Victor Sincair Connecticuts
Victor Sincair Connecticuts
5 out of 5
Connecticut Yankee by Victor Sinclair
This is a middle of the road cigar. It is more of a Medium Blend Flavor but it would burn uneven on most all of them. If they could get that corrected I may purchase them again. As a whole I really dislike Cigats that burn uneven.
5 out of 5
Great, my dear friend loves
Great, my dear friend loves the fat cigars, he mostly chews them now of lighting up. WSeird, I know.
5 out of 5
one of my favorites, if
one of my favorites, if you like a big smoke and an easy draw with a earthy all natural taste there not much like the Victor Sinclair Conn Yankee, and the price is very reasonable.
4 out of 5
Fair smoke
Hard to keep lit. Cigars drew varied from one to another. Good for the price
5 out of 5
Victor Sinclair
Great cigar at a great value!
5 out of 5
Great cigar!!!
Love these. Definitely will see these in my humidor again.
5 out of 5
I have been very impressed.
You guys do an awesome job, my orders are fast, and the cigars are tasty! I will continue to buy from your establishment. Thanks.
5 out of 5
very happy
am very happy with service,selection,and price I recommend you to everyone
Customer Testimonials
5/12/15 A few weeks back, I got a helluva deal on a box of 20 toros. Upon opening, the aroma took me back to a time when my grandfather would smoke his pipe out in what we called the "pouting place." (In modern terms, his "man-cave.") Right of the truck this was a delightful cigar to smoke - decent burn with a little touch-up here and there, delicious taste, slightly rich with an enjoyable sweetness. I unwrapped a few and stashed them back in my humidor. Took one out today to enjoy on my patio and while the sweetness has died off a little, this is still a great cigar! A little more woodsy now with some spice, but not overpowering. Just a fine stick at a GREAT price.
Awesome smoke. Buddy of mine let me have a stick, and I must say it's a flavorful cigar. Will have a reserved spot in my humidor....
My wife got me the Father's Day gift set with humidor and Victor Sinclair sampler. I must say it is awesome. It's very very smooth. I will ordering a 5pk very soon.
First time Victor Sinclair Customer, but I have been pleased with the cigars. Since I am limited to enjoying a cigar when there is fair weather, these cigars have been in my humidor for a few months. I have been pleased with how well they have kept in my humidor and with their taste. If a consumer is looking for a soft-ball cigar to enjoy, this isn't the one. If you are looking for a stronger cigar with hints of pepper and spices, this is a fine candidate!
great cigar for golf! really goes great with a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey
Got a couple of the torpedoes. The taste was ok, it didn't really get good until about halfway through. I can put up with an uneven burn, which mine had, but I won't tolerate a cigar that starts unraveling. That bugs me to no end. For an extra few bucks you can get a better tasting cigar that is constructed better as well.
The Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee is an awesome cigar for the money. Don't smoke it anywhere near a fire department because the plumes of smoke will set off alarms. Cigar wrapper has nice texture (leaf veins), pleasant aroma, really good tasting and slow burn. My humidor has 51 different cigars from various makers and this cigar is rated in my top three favorites...
I've been getting one of these in the Victor Sinclair Bakers Dozen samplers and this Conn. Yankee is starting to stand out somewhat from the others. I personally think ALL the Victor Sinclairs are amazingly good for their price level, but this Conn. Yankee is so unique, I'm seriously considering buying a box of them when the huge summer A/C bills start to back off ! ! !
Been smoking these for 4 years. I over bought (I thought) and left some in the bottom of the humidifier for three years, all the while buying more. After I rediscovered them I found them so nice and smooth. I wished I'd had enough patience to give them all a couple years. These truly are the best daily's I've had. Shows what a gentleman a Yankee can be.
I tried my first Connecticut Yankee as part of a sampler. As soon as that was gone I ordered a whole box. They are a very flavorful smoke. Goes perfect with an after dinner coffee. As others have stated they do require some attention for an even burn but it is well worth the effort. I'm fairly new to cigars but the Connecticut Yankee is my favorite so far. I will always have some in my humidor
I enjoyed this cigar for the price. I did not notice all of the subtle flavors that were described in some of the other reviews. Burn was a bit off.
Wrapper cracked upon lighting and caused uneven burn. Almost tossed it, but....Flavor was consistent through the entire cigar. Mellow and rich with a nice earthy cocoa and dark tobacco smooth flavor without harshness or bite. The only drawback was the wrapper in the beginning which tells of improper aging, low humidity in the cure and too much fertilizer during the growing of the leaf, and really a shame because the flavor of the wrapper and the blend is very nice. With aging and proper humidification, this could become a very nice all around choice of mellow every day kind of cigar to smoke with friends during a golf or poker game.
Just received my order of Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee 5x50 Robusto's with the 6x60 12 cigar Gordo sampler, once again my order came from CI quick and in perfect condition! Love Victor Sinclair cigars, great smoke for the price! Love CI customer for life!
Very nice smoke. Smooth all the way from start to finish. I like this cigar after dinner with s shot of sipping whisky on my front porch.
The box press and the corojo are indeed the best in this series. The box press offers a beautifully rolled cigar, while the round rolled cigars of the connecticut yankee are a little more so pinch bunched rolled often being a challenge to smoke.
This Connecticut Yankee is a wonderful stick! Smooth, rich and sweet spice all in a mellow bodied blend. I bought the Box Pressed 55's. I truly enjoyed this to-be-smoked-anytime cigar. Victor Sinclair cigars continue to surprise me; maybe it's time for me to realize VS is solid line of cigars!
Attention medium-bodied maduro lovers..........Connecticut Yankee is a steal for the price. Put down the Perdomo Slow-Aged Maduro, Flor De Oliva Maduro, & Black Pearl. Victor Sinclair did a great job on this cigar. This rivals the Nica Libre in the "bang for buck" maduro category. Honestly, I never thought Jose Dominguez had it in him to make a maduro that matches up against an A.J. Fernandez smoke in this price range. Now some of you may still be saying "no way Jose". I'll go even further and state that I'd take this over an Oliva G Maduro, Vegas Gold Maduro and "A", & Park Ave. Maduro. Hell, this is better than a Padron Maduro! Wait, that last one is stretching it a bit, haha.
I've had many cigars, but this is my cigar of choice for my "staple" cigar. Thanks to Mr. Dominguez and his very fine product. And thanks to CI for the outstanding price and fast shipping! Huzzah!
Not much to say about this fine cigar that others have not already said. A fine cigar with hints of chocolate throughout. Even burn and solid construction. Finished off with a lovely band, this cigar is a great buy.
I bought a bakers dozen sampler pack, and it was the first cigar I smoked out of the pack. I enjoy Connecticut cigars and this one exceeded my expectations. I will be buying more of these.
Just received a box of Connecticut Yankee toro 6 x 50. Right off the truck the pre-light aroma is fabulous. The cool draw carries waves of nutty, floral flavors. Nice construction, even burn and a long white solid ash. Victor Sinclair was one of my first premium cigars and I continue to enjoy multiple lines.
Information: Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee 5.5 x 55 Box Press Dominican Republic Scores (out of 10): Appearance - 8 Construction - 8 Flavor - 5 Value - 6 Overall Experience 6 Notes: I got this in a Victor Sinclair sampler pack. It has a good looking wrapper with veins. It looked very nice. Smelled decent. Smoked evenly throughout. Slight sour aftertaste. Nothing really special.
I would give it an 88 maybe a 89. Good budget price cigar with mild taste. The few I have had burned well as I let it set in the humi for a week.
Being from Connecticut I felt it was necessary to try these at some point. What a great cigar! As I type right now I'm still wallowing in the aftertaste. This cigar is pure goodness
I attend a small cigar club get together in which each month a different guy brings in the smokes ... there have been some premium offerings ... which I can't afford to match. But late last fall, I brought in what I could and what I felt are good solid cigars, well constructed, with a good draw and even burn ... and on the mild to medium side ... the other guys brought the scotch and bought the beer. The guys who attended thoroughly enjoyed the Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee torpedos. Now one of them this evening (almost a year later) is indicating that he's interested in getting more of them ... since he really likes them and especially the affordability vs the price per stick at local shops. Please continue to keep up the quality & affordability ... there are some out there who realize the value of this cigar.
This great cigar has a blue ribbon taped around the bottom, and the tape must be carefully teased off with a fingernail. Good up-close vision is helpful here. Just a warning.
"Just smoked my last Connecticut Yankee and I do have to say it was a decent smoke. Only issue was with the somewhat on even burn but other than that I would give it a 88, very good for a every day smoke."
After reading the reviews already posted, I was still a bit skeptical that these sticks would deliver. Well, as they say in Paris ...... Texas ... OOOOOOOOOOHHH LAAAAAAAAAAAAHH WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. That stick wuz finer'n a frog's hair. Deliver??? Indeed and then some. Not being the most patient person on the planet, I got my Connecticut Yankees, opened the box, got 'em naked and put 'em in my humidor to chill out from their exhausting trip. But one of 'em spoke directly to my heart and said, "smoke me you idiot." So I did. Even 'shocky' from the trip, this stick did what quality sticks are supposed to do, go from good, to better to best. I've got the stains on the tips of my fingers to prove it. For those who appreciate a medium bodied smoke, this is without a doubt not only good ............... it's 'company' good.
Already being a fan of the Bohemian, I was all to eager to try the sampler pack of anything new coming down the pipe from Vic Sinclair - let me say they did not dissapoint. The Conniticut Yankee smokes as good as stickes three times as much. It has a Bolivar quality to it... the draw is consistent, a little chompy [which is good] but the cocoa[esqe] hints were astounding and the soft nutty finish was right on the money. My rating: 90
I received some of these as part of a sampler and this is a fine smoke. In fact, everything in the Victor Sinclair sampler was good all around but this one stood out from the rest. I will be ordering some more of these. Victor Sinclair is undoubtedly my personal favorite for the also attractive price.
Great stick! The connecticut yankee has a lot of flavor to be a mild stick. Great even burn and easy draw with lots of smoke. A must try!
Good gravy! What a tasty stick. On a whim I decided to order a Sinclair sampler and after trying this one, I'm glad I did. It's a nice medium, maybe tilting towards full... I'll call it "moderate" as far as intensity goes. Nice burn, lots of smoke. I'm not one of those guys that can taste things like white pepper, leather, pistachio nut, poppy seeds, etc, but this satisfies my quest for a suitable replacement for the taste of a RYJ Reserve. Maybe not the same, but VERY very good.
Great Cigar! Definetly worthy of the name Yankee!
I just finished my first 5-pack of Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee and each one got better than the one before. This is one fine cigar! I just wish they would change the name because it is much too good to be called a Yankee.
I know it's unusual to add a second comment on a cigar, but this one is good enough to make me do it (Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee)... re: the uneven burn- I have found that a short stay, and by that I mean maybe 3 or 4 days, in my 'dry' humidor, a basic small one that I don't use any moisture in, allows the troublesome wrapper to dry enough so that it burns MUCH better, more evenly, with virtually no relights or other issues. Oh, and you'll know it's 'ready' when you can take that nettlesome bottom band off without fighting with it. The stogie shrinks a bit as it dries, and off you go, to smoking heaven.
This is a decent enough smoke requiring a bit of attention to make it burn evenly. Nice, variable flavour and, except for the somewhat uneven burn, well-made. I prefer a punch cut and the head of this cigar stays quite firm which is a big plus for me. (Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee) I like to keep the bands to put in my dossier, but the rather attractive band on the 'Yankee' was a right bugger to get off without mucking it up. A nice cigar.
Well, it's now become obvious that the cat is officially out of the bag. The secret has been discovered about the special flavor of the Connecticut Yankee by Victor Sinclair. By the time I checked my e-mail this evening, the whole shooting match of a couple thousand bundles of the "1 day" deal was sold out. Look, there are back orders on almost every other size of this cigar including the "toro grande" which was on special. You think he's onto something? Dang ... and I thought it was just my odd sense of taste that made me think the Conn. Yankee was a special smoke. How about another shot CI for those of us who blinked and couldn't be near the computer?
I had a sampler of all the Sinclairs in Presidente. The price was irresistible. I finished a Yankee and after an hour and a half smoke stared at the nub wishing I had more. I've had few since and never had a problem with re-lights. It doesn't burn as pretty as a $50 cigar but I can always overlook the little things when I'm happy! Mild to mild-medium and full of smoke. It bites just a touch the first few puffs, then mellows into a nice long enjoyable smoke. Today I got a couple of mazos of the Toro Grandes and I cannot wait.
hmmm... just picked these up on a Joe Cigar special... I love Joe :) Very nice flavor. (Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee) The remarks about construction being imperfect seem accurate. My guess is that it is the wrapper that is doing that, but what it lacks in manners, it makes up for in taste. This thing has it going on! Nice, rich flavor, kind of reminds me of Nestors stuff. Mellow, lots of smoke. A bit on the 'soft' side, regarding the roll, but it tastes really, really good, so all is forgiven.
I tried the Brown Bag sampler a while back, and out of all the great cigars I tried -- many for the first time -- the Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee was my drop-dead favorite. Smooth and delicious! So when CI recently ran a "daily deal" on a bundle of 20 of these babies, I jumped on it. And I have no regrets. The big Toro Grande size is perfect if, like me, you tend to savor a fine cigar. The one I enjoyed last night lasted a solid 2 hours!
I agree with JG about the Concecticut Yankee's construction, great draw, but flawed. It requires a lot of turning and re-lighting to keep it even and going past the middle. The flavor, however is wonderful. This is one great wrapper, almost corojo-like, but without the leather. Mmm-mmm good.
The attractive packaging of this cigar (Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee) invite the smoker on a journey that begins with earthy and nutty tones and transitions to a light leathery taste. Good even burn throughout the smoke. The structure of the cigar was a durable, but it lacked a consistent stem suture bonding. It was easy to draw on throughout the smoke but was hard to keep burning about halfway through the smoke and it eventually burnt out about prematurely. I enjoyed the unique flavor and experience.
I went ahead and tried the VS sampler and have to say any VS so far in that series has been excellent as far as taste goes. Now on to the Yankee.. so many flavors in this I was glad to have a clean palate when I started it, from a chocolate almost light mocha to a buttery on the get go was just a nice all around smoke. I have over 20+ years of smoking cigars so I am not a "novice blowing smoke up your" well you know, to me this is a nice treat and will be a great one to have around for both yourself as well as impressing your buddies "chuckles" with a low budget seegar.
I can't understand why no one reviewed this cigar yet!(Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee) These are incredible! First of all, look at the price. It's hard to imagine a cigar so good for so little. I love 5 Vegas "A" but these are just as good in a different way. Good construction ,draw and a flavor that is so unique that you'll have to light up another just to make sure you weren't dreaming. I will always have room in my humidor for this one. So give them a shot, or better yet don't, that way there will be more for me! Thanks CI!
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