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Victor Sinclair Bohemian Red Corojo

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Attractive corojos.

The Bohemian Red is a complex blend hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic by cigar maker Jose Dominguez. It offers a unique, full-bodied flavor with a very interesting, robust character that comes from its genuine Corojo wrapper. Beautifully constructed of fine long-fillers from Nicaragua, Brazil and the Dominican Republic. This enticing cigar is medium-bodied in strength with some oomph!

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Customer Reviews of "Victor Sinclair Bohemian Red Corojo"
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3 out of 5
It is a beautiful cigar. It tasted great but I struggled with the ash. The wrapper goes around the foot. I lit that to light the cigar. Maybe I should have clipped that? It just seemed like ash was constantly falling off, even after that wrapper on the foot was long gone.
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Customer Testimonials
I very much like this Bohemian Red Corojo. Found it to be just like the description. A wonderful rich tabacco flavor, with a sweet spicyness. The aroma is outstanding. My daughter told me (and I agree) the aroma is very spicy and wonderful. As most Dominicans are, they are very smooth with no harshness, yet a medium to full bodied experience. I smoke mostly maduros and corojos. This is going to be my everyday corojo. Used to smoke Indian Tabac Classic, a nice cigar, but I like this Bohmian better.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
Truth be told, I only let these sit for two days off the truck. Usually give them three weeks just to settle. Yet, I found this corojo stick enoyable. The Bohemian Cuban Corojo is a Dominican and is smooth as most Dominicans tend to be. I find these to be mild-medium in body yet a very nice, subtle spicy-sweetness to them. I enjoy this cigar. Not as bold as many corojos, yet very nice. The aroma is an enjoyable spicyness. All-in-all a pleasent smoke.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
Got a box of the Special Figurado for $29.00. Very good cigar. Reminds me of a giant version of a Sinclair 55 corojo. Kind of wish I'd bought two bundles of them. Probably will buy two more before they're gone (or at least before the price changes. $29.00 is a steal!)
CL of Wyoming, PA
I picked up 20 of these of a 2 for Tuesday deal. The night they showed up I opened the bundles and loaded them in to the humi. I left one out to try. I like to do that although I know it may not present the best qualities of the stick. That being said I was underwhelmed. I am smoking one now after about 2 weeks in the humi. Totally different experience. This is a great medium bodied stick. Great spice and tobacco flavors with a nice body of smoke. For less then $2 stick I am very very pleased. I would pay more for it, but I am glad I didn't. Thanks CI!
JZ of Gotha, FL
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