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Victor Sinclair Bohemian Black Oscuro

Don't be afraid of the dark!

The Bohemian Black by Victor Sinclair is simply gorgeous. Big thick cigars covered by an extremely dark, oily wrapper complete with the well-known Bohemian pig-tail cap and shaggy foot. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks. Filled with premium Dominican long-filler bound by a tasty 5 year old olor binder, you'll find this hearty looking cigar surprisingly mellow. The complex flavor offers some smooth toasted nut flavors while billowing out clouds. This dog's bark is definitely meaner than its bite, as the Bohemian Black is a delicious subtle to medium bodied cigar.

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Big Sur (Gordo) (6.0"x70)
Box of 10 Backordered $80.00
save $24.5031% off
Ginsburg (Toro) (6.0"x50)
Box of 20 In Stock $120.00
save $36.5030% off
Greenwich Village (Gordo) (6.0"x56)
Box of 10 In Stock $70.00
save $21.5031% off
North Beach (Robusto) (5.0"x54)
Box of 20 Backordered $100.00
save $30.5031% off

Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Bohemian Black Oscuro”

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Received VS Black Oscuro yesterday and smoked my 1st today. Very smooth; rate with Montecristo Media Noche. Worth the money!
Received a couple of these in a Sinclair sampler. Mild smooth and creamy with a great draw but does have a tendency to burn unevenly. Loved the taste and was definitely surprised at the mild to medium flavor profile. Would buy a box no problem!
Very smooth - elusive nut-like flavor - draws easily; smoked till the nub. Buy again.
Delicious! Thats how describe this cigar. Not a huge fan of long cigars but I had trouble putting this down. Definitely going to buy a box and keep in my humidor all the time. Thanks CI!
Wow! a really rich, black lushious,creamy draw. One of better xx maduro I've had.If V.S. could get his cigars to burn a little more consistantly, I would sure buy more of them.
I LOVE this cigar (Bohemian Black Oscuro)! Its so dark and sweet mellow and great, don't think i mean bland because there is plenty of flavor but you feel like you could smoke them all day. At the light they can start to burn uneven but thats only because people love it so much they don't give it some time to correct itself, which it does very well. This is a very consistent cigar almost the same great taste all the way through. I love the large rings especially the Greenwich Village i have never smoked a Big Sur but what a size. I almost forgot to mention how cool it looks with the pigtail top and the shaggy foot, I like to just take a lighter and smoke the extra wrapper first because it tastes so great before I toast and really light it for good. Top Notch Oscuro
I love this stick (Bohemian Black Oscuro), this is one of my fave cabinet sticks for chilli'n out. The black wrapper suggests bold and risqué. But she is a smooth and velvety cigar with a beautiful blend of spice, sweet hints and floral teases... all thrown in to a handsome black twisty. My rate this stick: 90
I've smoked cigars on and off for several years and have always had trouble finding a single cigar that I truly enjoyed smoking. This has been especially difficult since I am in the army and currently in Iraq, but when I ordered a Bohemian Sampler and smoked a Bohemian Black, I became hooked!! I enjoyed this smoke so much I plan to keep them stocked in my humidor as much as possible. The pleasure I got from this cigar made it possible (if only for a short while) to feel like a normal person again despite being in a combat zone.
I must have gotten a bad one; (Bohemian Black)the burn was very uneven and got worse near the end. A cigar with a very nice pre-light aroma and an 'earthy' kind of flavour. I'll try another one or two just to satisfy myself that the one I had was a fluke.
This is a great cigar (Bohemian Black - Oscuro), full of flavor and a joy to smoke. Try the Bohemian Black; you owe it to your self.
great flavor;one of the best in the magazine! (Bohemian Black - Oscuro) tends not to burn even.
Don't let the jet-black wrapper fool you. This cigar is so creamy and smooth you will smoke it down so far to the nub you will burn your lips!! Even though the cigar is mild, it is very flavorful and you will be very satisfied after you are done. The cigar lights effortlessly and burns very evenly. The affordable CI price makes this cigar a no brainer!!
I started smoking these about 4 years ago whenever I could get them. Don't let the dark wrapper scare you, they start out medium bodied and lighten up as you go with hints of coffee. The draw is smooth and light, a great cigar that you can smoke to a stub. Never harsh or bitter and no bite!
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