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Vega Talanga Rojo

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One of the best underated gems to ever hit our dock. If you have experienced Vega Talanga yet, it's high time. Balanced and nuanced, this is one premium handmade.

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Really good cigars for a quite tolerable price ! Vega Talanga Rojo Smoked the Toro Extra size and want more but keep seeing " out of stock ", , , Dang ! ! !
VT of Blue Springs, MO
Excellent smoke. (Vega Talanga Rojo) An easy draw with a firm ash and reasonably even burn. Very pleasant flavour and lovely to look at. Another I should smoke more often.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
A good, full bodied smoke. Moderately complex and very flavorful it has a great draw and a spiciness that is right up front. The construction gives it a lumpy look but they've never fallen apart on me. For the price you really can't beat these sticks. I hope the other cigars in the Vega Talanga line are as good as this one.
TJ of LLincoln, RI
CI has outdone itself this time. I just finished a robusto extra (Vega Talanga Rojo) and this is a fascinating smoke. These are well-aged and smooth with touches of pepper combined with an unique woody taste. The appearance and construction were excellent. I understand these had trouble selling a few years ago because of the packaging. Their marketing error is our great deal! Thumbs up, CI.
GG of Simsbury, CT
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Vega Talanga Rojo

How many of you celebrate the Ides of March or actually have it marked in your calendar like I do?  Can I see a show of hands, please?  Um, yeah, that's what I thought.  You know, March 15 is the day Julius Caesar was killed, a date forever etched into every schoolchild's brain thanks to the famous verse of William Shakespeare.  Well, in case you were looking for something to do today - here's one suggestion -  Ok, forget that, just take Gonz's suggestion, put on your favorite toga, grab a bottle of your prized Dewar's and five different, yet similar cigars.....Vega Talanga Rojo, Oscuro, Blanco, Azul, and Tercio.  That's what I've set out to do today b/c I know there must be a gem in these once popular yet now supremely cheap ceeegars.

First on the list, Vega Talanga Rojo - translated "Red Label" for all you gringos out there.....well, well, what do we have here?  This feller is a decently wrapped yet vein-riddled, firm and supremely toothy.  The couple I grabbed have a few marks and scratches, so it's not exactly flawless, but my expectations are low for $1.50 per stick.  Onward friend, let's spark and see what we find.  The draw is effortless with a firm roll, it's obviously well made.  There's a strength I sense from the onset.  Whoah, that's a familiar leathery flavor - doh, just noticed the label says "Corojo" - yeah that's it.  This clearly ain't gonna be a cigar for sissies.

There's a throaty spice that tackles the tastebuds and lingers for a long finish.  The smoke erupts through my nostrils and causes me to cough a touch, wow buddy, easy now, thankfully I've got a Red Robin Monster Burger in my belly.  Burning smooth and cool, creamy it's not, a tow-truck hath come and stole my palate.  There's a robust-ness with every draw that takes over anything you might have lingering behind (like the onions from my burger or the third cup o' joe I downed earlier).  Truthfully, though, I want to grab another draw, the power teases you for more.  If you've had other corojo-wrapped cigars, or fully corojo cigars (see our complete list of Corojos -, this one will impress on you with unforgiveness like the others you've smoked, no doubt.  But a nice thing is this - the heartiness of the smoke doesn't produce a tremendous amount of power - full-flavor and body, but not strength.  This is good, I ain't ready to chalk it up for the day, I've got more work to do.

Getting about 50% through the cigar, the spice eases up, and since I'm jones'n for more, I lit up another.  Oh well, gotta get through this five pack, no chance I'm gonna get to the others today, but dog-gone-it, if the others are this good, I'm a believer in this cheapie.

Light'em up,
- Gonz

PS. Curious if there are any XM Radio Fans out there, I've been rockin' out Channel 12 X-Country today, great change of pace, pleasantly matching my rambunctious Vega Talanga Rojo.  I'm gonna pick me up a full bundle of these, Gonz gives'em a big thumb way up.  Be prepared though newbies, this ain't grand-dad's cigar.