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One of the best underated gems to ever hit our dock. If you have experienced Vega Talanga yet, it's high time. Balanced and nuanced, this is one premium handmade. 

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Thought I'd try the ( Vega Talanga Oscuro) seeing it was only about a buck a stick. This is a nice cigar with ample spice and coffee flavors on your palate. I didn't notice the typically sweet finish that most maduros have, yet it is still a spicey, pleasent smoke. It burns perfectly and draws as well as it burns. I would rate it as medium-full or so. I reccomend these if you are a maduro smoker. I will continue to buy these for myself. Although it is a much over-used cliche; this is an excellent stick for the price.
RF of Richfield, WI
This is an awesome deal on the Vega Talanga Oscuro double corona. The flavor of this stick is incredible. The coffee and chocolate flavors are incredible, with an ebb & flow between those flavors and a sweet, earthy tobacco flavor. CI brings us incredible deals every day, but this is my pick for the "Deal of the Century".
JS of Elk Grove Village, IL
Theis is a sleeper of a cigar, however I have a tendency to savor the Azul a bit more. All of the Vega Series are the deals of the century. (Vega Talanga Oscuro) It wasn't to long ago where they were going for $90.00 + a bunedle. I highly reccommend as a premium cigar, with a below below budget cigar price.
JR of Tampa, FL
Total sleeper! All my favorite flavors, chocolate, coffee and real creamy (Vega Talanga Oscuro). Starts out medium bodied and builds to medium-full. Smoke em' till my fingers burn!
TT of mansfield, OH
Hard to believe there are no staff reviews or fan mail for this cigar (Vega Talanga Oscuro). It is a very satisfying cigar with some kick. The wrapper is truly black & oily, the cigar well-made & firm. The smoke is ample & creamy. While I'm not the best guy to find all the nuts & berries in cigars, I judge this one to be not terribly complex, and quite consistent in taste. It starts off kind of mild and builds in intensity. I have yet to have one go hot & bitter, but if you work it too hard, it'll burn your tongue. Well worth a try.
RH of Farmington, MO