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Toscano Stilnovo

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No humidification needed!! 

No, you read that right. It's true! Toscano cigars, the original Italian made choice, have made history with Toscano Stilnovo, the first premium hand-rolled cigar that requires no humidification. I know, I know, this sounds like some massive smoke and mirror scheme to get you to purchase these gems right? Well, allow me to clear the air for you. Okay, come closer and listen closely. The secret curing. That's it! So simple, and yet, so amazing. 

Toscano starts with their traditional four-year old Italian-cured Kentucky tobacco, wraps it lovingly in an Italian grown Kentucky fire-cured binder, which up until now, has not been done by this company. The final step, taking this intriguing combination and encasing it inside, guessed it, an American Kentucky fired-cure wrapper. So, what does this mean for flavor? You're still going to have the traditional BBQ tanginess, smoky wood, and sweet chocolate notes that Kentucky fired-cured is known for mixed with some red pepper notes that brings both a sweet, and spicy, medium-bodied experience to your palate. The best part of these cigars is that because each piece of tobacco is fired-cured, you can store them just how they come, with no humidor needed. In fact, several of us here at CI have these just sitting on our desks tempting us on a daily basis to enjoy them. So, now that the magician has revealed the secret, what are you waiting for?  Grab some of these unique Italian delights before they disappear!        

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