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Torano Vault A-008

The Vault is open.

The cigar now named Torano Vault, is a blend that has been around the Torano family for the last decade. Originally called Liga A-008, this blend never found a home, but recently resurfaced on Charlie Torano’s radar. While it was always a great blend, Charlie Torano thought it needed some extra power and wow-factor before it could be brought to market. He found the secret sauce: a touch of tobacco from Nicaragua’s rich, volcanic Ometepe region - which boosts this cigar’s flavor profile immensely.

With a blend bolstered and a dark, oily Nicaraguan Colorado wrapper, this full bodied treat is no longer a secret. Right from the start, it’s a full-flavored firecracker that is sure to grab your attention. Once you pass through the first inch or so the spice mellows a little and is complemented by a smooth, nuttiness that embraces your palate and never lets go. It's delicious, no doubt. And fairly modestly priced too.

In addition to 'Humidor Selection' honors, Carlos Torano Vault received a well-deserved. 92-point rating, noting: "Well-crafted with an oily wrapper and no soft spots on the cigar. The smoke has a creamy texture, as well as a fairly strong salt-and-pepper character."

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Overall Rating 3.66666666666667 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Torano Vault A-008”

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4 out of 5
Ages incredibly well.
I've had one of these sitting in my humidor for a little over 4 years. I smoked it a few days ago and it was incredible. Obviously, the age has something to do with it, but a terrible cigar won't taste good no matter how long you age it, so this was good from the start. Now I need to get a box and bury it for a few years. This (4 years aged) cigar gave me a different flavor profile every other puff. Imagine a cigar that brings you cocoa, pepper, cedar, dried cherries, warm baking spices, raisins, etc., every 2 minutes! I definitely recommend getting some and letting them sit for a while.
5 out of 5
My first Full
Got this as a cigar of the month. Normally I prefer Mild and Mild-Medium cigars, with the occasional Medium and the even rarer Medium-Full cigar. I was amazed that this Full was so good I smoked it enough to remove the band and nearly burned my fingers smoking it so long. The flavor was consistent the entire length, had a good draw, and an even burn. Since I get two of each cigar every month, the second one will be saved for a special occasion. Definitely recommend it to a friend, if asked.
2 out of 5
Harsh and strong. Bad aftertaste.
I tried these after enjoying other Torano cigars in the past as part of sampler packs. This one wrecked me. It has a strong burnt cardboard taste, and left my mouth tasting like an ashtray for an hour afterward. Maybe I am a lightweight. Or maybe I like an enjoyable smoke without my eyes burning. Either way, this one is not for me.
Customer Testimonials
Great tasting this cigar. Nice and spicy.
Started out a little harsh, but as it burned down it became a very good smoke. Deep flavors and very well constructed. Full bodied flavor to the end. Not for the newbie but a good cigar for those wanting a strong smoke.
That is a fantastic smoke!
I have become a big fan of cigars containing Ometepe grown tobacco. Every time I try a cigar with Ometepe tobacco I find intense flavor and extremely satisfying right to the nub. Vault is no exception. Exceptional construction, long even burn and mouth watering flavor. Don't hesitate to try the new Punch Upper Cut as well. I'm saving my coins for the Cult "Ometepe" which I believe is constructed of all Ometepe grown tobacco. Yum
I got a 10pk of toros a little while ago in the Daily Deal. Put them in the humidor for a few weeks & forgot about them. So far I've had four of them, all consistent burn, draw, and flavor...and POWER! These cigars are delicious with a pleasant draw, and POWERFUL! I will keep some of these in my humidors at all times. Did I mention these cigars are powerful? Have a seat with these...
This is a fantastic cigar. Burns nice and slow, and it satisfies. I am a Torano fan, and this smoke stands out. Great flavor that changes throughout the cigar. Has "vaulted" into the top shelf of my humidors.
Smoked one the other day. The cigar was so good I would of still been satisfied if it cost twice the price. Delicious.