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Tatuaje Ambos Mundos

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Some new goodies from Tatuaje!

Ambos Mundos means 'both worlds'. And I assume that the name refers to their quality versus price. If so, it's accurate.

Ambos Mundos is a lower-priced offering from Tatuaje. And by lower-priced, I mean less expensive (by far!) than the other Tatuaje lines. But still, like all Tatuaje cigars, this one's tasty. Handmade in Nicaragua and offered in either a Sumatra or Habano wrapper paired with a medium-bodied blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers, Ambos Mundos offers a smooth, complex flavor. A rich tobacco core is backed by notes of pepper, cedar, earth, and cocoa. Well-made, modestly priced, and delicious throughout every inch.

In addition to a 93-point rating, Tatuaje Ambos Mundos was named one of the Top 25 Cigars in the world, noting: "Our tasting panel always seems to enjoy them. They are yet another example of the top-quality smokes being produced by Johnson and cigar maestro Garcia."

The Tatuaje brand is incredibly highly-rated, and features a huge variety of cigars. Shop them all here

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2 out of 5
Ordered a fiver. Maybe just got a bad pack. Tried one right after they arrived. Mind numbing tight draw with a sour ammonia taste. I figured they needed some age so let them sit in the humidor for a month at a calibrated 68RH and the second one was just as bad. Almost unsmokable. Tried another one after a year and it was smokable but still had a super tight draw. The flavors were mostly heavy cayenne pepper and tobacco with some anisette/licorice. I'm more of a nuts, cocoa or leather guy so I didn't care for this. If you want to try it get a single. I won't be buying any more of these.
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Customer Testimonials
My new favorite stick. I am new to cigars but found a great go to cigar. It burns great and tastes fantastic. After ordering a 5 pack, it's time to buy a box of them, which I did today. I can't wait to throw them in my humidor and let them season for deer season.
JS of Wallingford, CT
"Ambos Mundos means 'both worlds'." I believe it refers to the 2 characters of this cigar - Habano or Sumatra. I prefer the Sumatra - which teases your palate until halfway when the cigar blossoms, balancing vanilla & cocoa against a finish of wood & nougat. N.B. The Habano is quite good too!
I had the habano robusto size. Lots of pepper up front,earth,nuts,coffee and chocolate. Good cigar overall, but too dark and earthy for my palate. The burn was very uneven and needed many touch ups.
BS of Slidell, LA
A bargain brand from Tatuaje? Count me in! I have tried the Habano and Sumatra blends and my personal favorite is the Sumatra. The flavors are as you might expect with a Sumatra wrapper....toasty, woody, and a hint of caramel sweetness. Perfect construction and burn as with all of Tatuaje's brands. These would be a good high quality cigar to share with friends and family around a fire or a round of golf. Totally affordable and worth every cent.
JP of Xenia, OH
Great cigar for the price-- or any price. I usually end up smoking more expensive cigars; but seldom have I found a stick with such a nice, dead-even burn. Oh, and they also taste great. Definitely worth a try. I'll be keeping a few of these on hand.
BS of Olive Branch, MS
I had one of these at a local shop a few months back. The one thing I was shocked about was the price. Very good cigar with spice and flavor. An unbeatable deal.
CS of Trenton, GA
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