Stinky Wall-Mount Ashtray

Mount your stinky

You know the scenario, you’re playing pool with your buddies in your man-cave, you’re all puffing away like locomotives when an errant cue knocks over your Stinky ashtray and a mountain of ash and nubs is deposited on your oak floors…worse yet Fido comes over thinking it’s dinner time.  So now you’ve got a mess on the floor, Fido yakking in the corner, and the Missus yelling downstairs wondering what’s with all the commotion.  The Stinky wall mount is the solution we’ve been waiting for, simply screw the bracket securely into your wall, attach the base, and voila, a safe, secure, and stylish way to display your Stinky Ashtray.  Its genius is in its simplicity, so save your floors, save Fido, and save having to clean up messy ash on the floor and get the Stinky Wall Mount now.  

Stinky Wall-Mount Ashtray  Miscellaneous
  • Stinky Wall-Mount Ashtray  Miscellaneous
  • Stinky Wall-Mount Ashtray  Miscellaneous
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Stinky Wall-Mount Ashtray

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