Stanwell Pipe Pouches

Stanwell - the name stands for distinctive design, quality and value. The new line of Stanwell leather goods certainly fits right in with their philosophy, with beautiful appearance, premium leather and construction at prices that belie their looks and durability.

1 Pipe Wallet - Slip your pipe into this black leather pouch, zip it shut, and now you can put it in your pocket without worries about the briar getting scratched.

1 Pipe Pouch - Black leather pouch with silver Stanwell logo, a zippered compartment on the bottom for one pipe, surgical rubber-lined tobacco compartment. Comes in a presentation box.

Pipe Cleaner Sleeve - Black leather sleeve with silver logo handsomely holds a dozen or more pipe cleaners.

2 Pipe Combo - Black pouch with silver Stanwell logo on main flap. Bottom zippered pipe compartment will accommodate two average-sized pipes. Magnetic snap main flap conceals a zippered accessory compartment and a large integral pouch for tobacco. Comes with box.

Big Tobacco Pouch - Black snap-over pouch with silver logo. Large capacity pouch lined with surgical rubber and a secondary inside flap to ensure the condition of your tobacco. Boxed.

Zipper Tobacco Pouch - Black pouch with silver Stanwell logo, top zipper and rubber-lined compartment for freshness. Perfectly shaped to fit a back pocket. Comes in a presentation box.

Medium Roll-Up Pouch - This is a mid-sized black leather roll-up pouch with a silver logo, lined with surgical rubber to maintain freshness. Boxed

Small Pouch - Compact black leather zippered pouch for a pipe and small accessories. Stanwell logo in silver on the outside.

2 Pipe - Black leather pouch with silver logo has a front accessory pouch, a snap-over tobacco pouch inside and room for 2 pipes. Comes with a wrist strap and a gift box.

Stanwell Leather Ppe Cleaner Sleeve  Small (1)
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Leather Ppe Cleaner Sleeve
Stanwell Leather Medium Roll-up  Medium (2)
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In Stock
Leather Medium Roll-up
Stanwell Leather Big Tobacco Pouch  Large
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Leather Big Tobacco Pouch
Stanwell Wallet Single  One Pipe
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1 Pipe Wallet
Stanwell Pouches - Large 2 Combo  Large (2)
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Leather Large 2 Pipe Combo

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