Savinelli Alligator Green

Savinelli Pipes, over 135 years and counting.

The Savinelli Alligator pipe is highly attractive thanks to its rusticated finish which is crafted to resemble alligator skin. Eye-catching, no doubt, these beautifully made pipes smoke exceptionally well too.
Savinelli Alligator Pipe - Green 111  Billiard-Straight (111)
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Savinelli Alligator Pipe - Green 111

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Received this pipe today, and already one of the better ones I've used, and will only get better. The finish is beautiful and flawless, it doesn't burn very hot, especially compared to the Meerschaum pipes I usually use (I smoke sort of fast, on breaks from work ect.) I was iffy on using a filter, as I never have before, but it doesn't make a difference negatively on my tobaccos, and it allows me to grind it a little finer to get it going quicker. Very nice product.
RM of Spencerport, NY