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Royal Danish UMAMI

Oh mommy!

If you consider yourself a cigar expert, let me give you a pro-tip. Royal Danish is an awesome European cigar company that has just recently found itself in the American markets. You may have not heard the buzz yet, but these cigars are absolutely fantastic, and the Umami blends are a real show of their skill. “Umami” is a Japanese term that’s hard to describe, but for our purposes, let’s call it a salty savory note. And these cigars deliver that awesome richness in spades.

There’s two versions of Umami at hand today. The Pink blend is a medium strength cigar rolled from the best leaves from the middle of the plant and lower. Using a Habano Claro Ecuador wrapper, Umami Pink Blend mixes a light grassiness and sweet note with salty, meaty savory notes. In Umami Green, Royal Danish utilizes a Habano Maduro Ecuador wrapper for a bit more kick, using ligero from the top half of a tobacco plant. The same meatiness is present, with a ton of dense, chewy chocolate and coffee notes. Each one is worth your attention, so I’d recommend you get a five-pack of each and pick your favorite. 

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Umami - Green (Gordo) (4.5"x56)
Pack of 12 Out Of Stock $95.40
save $15.41 16% off
$79.99   Notify
Umami - Pink (Gordo) (4.5"x56)
Pack of 12 Out Of Stock $95.40
save $15.41 16% off
$79.99   Notify

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