Room 101 Serie HN Cigars
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Room 101 Serie HN

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'R' is for Room 101. 

Room 101 continues to march to the sound of its own drum with the Serie HN. And trust me when I say that's good news. But admitedly, it took me a moment of head scratchin' to realize what HN stood for. That brings me to the Sesame Street lesson of the day. The 'H' stands for Honduran Criollo ligero, which brings to the table ample richness and layers of spice. The 'N' stands for the Dominican region of Navarette. Located near the coast, this tobacco produces characteristics of cream and natural sweetness. Combined with a luscious Criollo '98 binder and a bold Brazilian Mata Fina binder, the Serie HN bursts with flavor. Get your thinking cap on, because this one will keep the senses guessing as hints of pepper, spices, and leather initially take stage. Later joining the fray cool notes of cream, cedar and coffee. Delivered through a medium to full-bodied profile, the intensity balances quite nicely with the tasty bouquet. And now for the last lesson of the day. Only 20,000 cigars were made in each size. That means a scant 800 boxes of each size were produced (except for Papi Chulo 400). 

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5 out of 5
Good cigar
Excellent cigar! You will not be disappointed with it in the least! It's sad I don't see that you can order the 5 packs anymore
3 out of 5
Mac daddy
Great value.
5 out of 5
Great cigar from Room 101.
Great cigar from Room 101. Papi Chulo great smoke.
Customer Testimonials
I just bought two of these in Portland last week and I have to say they're wonderful! I am partial to Honduran rolled sticks. It doesn't seem to matter what the tobacco is, when it's rolled in Honduras it takes on a flavor all its own. These are no exception. I can't say much about different sizes as I'm also partial to coronas and that's what I bought. (Papi Chulos in fact.) I had several comments on the aroma as I walked the streets of Portland. (Wish I could smell them when I smoke them!) On my return, my first task was to see if CI carried them and I was not disappointed! I was surprised to read they're a medium to full as I like lighter blends, but they were not at all overbearing, and I'm also thankful CI mentioned they're limited in quantity. I'm ordering a box today.