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Room 101 Ltd Namakubi

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Room 101 Namakubi is named after an ancient Japanese word meaning: freshly severed head. In times of old, when battling Samurai tribes would fight, the losing party's head would be lopped off and given to the leader of the winning side (talk about cutthroat tactics). But luckily, there isn't any carnage here, just another winning blend from Room 101. Hailing from the Camacho factory in Honduras, this limited-run cigar has all the right ingredients for a top-notch handmade. Greeting you from the outside, a carefully selected Ecuador Habano wrapper. Chocolaty-brown and boasting an oily sheen, this impressive leaf conceals a rich combination of Honduran and Dominican long-fillers. This medley of well-aged tobaccos strikes up medium to full-bodied mixture laced with nuances of pepper, cedar, leather and earth. Bar none, Namakubi is one of Room 101's finest offerings. In fact, I can almost guarantee fans of Room 101 will be 'head' over heels for this one.

Room 101 Ltd Namakubi received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "Walnut and leather flavors give way to some tea notes, though there is a bit of a fumey aftertaste."

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Monstro (Gordo) (5.0"x60)
Box of 20 In Stock $228.00
save $22.80 10% off
Monstro (Gordo) (5.0"x60)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $54.00   Notify
Papi Chulo (Corona) (4.0"x42)
Box of 50 In Stock $370.00
save $37.00 10% off
Papi Chulo (Corona) (4.0"x42)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $35.00   Notify
Roxxo (Corona) (4.0"x48)
Box of 20 In Stock $168.00
save $16.80 10% off
Roxxo (Corona) (4.0"x48)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $40.00   Notify
Sucio (Churchill) (7.0"x48)
Box of 20 Backordered $208.00
save $20.80 10% off
Sucio (Churchill) (7.0"x48)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $49.00   Notify
Tiburon (Lancero/Panatela) (6.0"x44)
Box of 20 Backordered $188.00
save $18.80 10% off
Tiburon (Lancero/Panatela) (6.0"x44)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $44.50   Notify
Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Room 101 Ltd Namakubi”

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5 out of 5
Love them
Great cigars and packaging! Plu,, Plus I love the little history note of the meaning of the cigar nam!! Well done
5 out of 5
My favorite Room 101
Excellent construction and draw. Notes of cedar sweet spice and wood. Retro is spicy but not overwhelming. The label and background of the name first roommate of a cigar and The Taste is an overall winner
5 out of 5
An absolute keeper!
Absolutely fantastic. The description of it is right on, including the quote at the bottom that includes tea flavors. Although somewhat pricey, this is a wonderful cigar to have on hand when you want to sit back and have a "cigar experience." I would pair this with iced tea any day or a light flavored adult beverage. I wouldn't want the pairing to take away from this cigar. I wish I could afford to make this my daily smoke. But, it is one that I will keep in my humidor as long as it is available.
5 out of 5
Awesome smoke...worth the $$$
I smoked a Namakubi Ltd, tapered maduro stick that was amazing (not currently available on line apparently). Despite the price tag being a bit steep, I went back the next day and bought three more. The package and the cigar itself are absolutely beautiful, but I've been fooled before. From the moment I lit it there was no doubt a was smoking a superior cigar. From the fancy roll, to the anise and pepper undertones that lasted throughout the smoke, it was a most enjoyable smoke. Despite being a maduro, I got some of that beautiful coffee creaminess during the middle third of the smoke. The final third saw that coffee creaminess turn into a subtle jalapeno undertone. Absolutely a beautiful cigar. I lit it, tasted it, and dropped everything and enjoyed the next hour staring out my back door and enjoying this beauty.
Customer Testimonials
A cigar with it's own identity, very slow burning, good draw serious smoke. It gave my palate a nice Jalapeno flavor that is not your run of the mill cheap smoke. I love Room 101,especially this gem, Namakubi.