Room 101 Big Payback Cigars
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Room 101 Big Payback

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Payback doesn’t always have to be a bitch.

And this is once again proven by Room 101’s newest project, Big Payback. At first the name certainly makes you feel like you should be looking over your shoulder, but this payback is really just Matt Booth’s way of repaying all of his customers for years of loyalty. Big Payback includes a line of premium handmades from a 5”x50 up to a 7”x70, all offered at an attractive price that’s way less than what this enticing blend calls for. It’s Mr. Booth’s way of saying thank you, and I for one enthusiastically reply with, “You’re welcome!”

In this endeavor, the makers really got their hands dirty in the fertile soils of Nicaragua. All three components – wrapper, binder, and filler tobaccos – hail from Nicaragua. To the delight of many, there will be no cap on production here. A massive cultivation took place for this release, and it produced enough to supply the thirst of consumers indefinitely. With a complex blend of pepper, spice, and a pleasing natural sweetness, “indefinitely” sounds quite good to me. And with these hefty vitolas, you can enjoy these bargains for hours on end.

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Dark flavor, adequate taste, enjoyable at the beginning, but nothing that will blow you away. The first time I smoked one I felt kind of sick afterward, thought it was something I ate, but after a second try, felt sick again. Have three left, not going to go near it again.
BJ of Johns Island, SC
I got the Chevala size; so far I've smoked around 10 or 11 of them and am completely blown away. The cigar starts out with a small white pepper kick with a rather short finish, but it smooths out into a pleasant woody quality that lasts throughout the whole cigar, as well as a tobacco-ish sweetness that pairs with the woody character. The second third turns into a more earthy dominated taste, with hints of wood and that sweet taste still lingering on the tongue. The last third is my favorite, with even a coffee taste dominating at times. It doesn't hurt to also know that Cigar Aficianado highly recommends this cigar as one of the best values of 2014.
RO of Ringgold, GA
By far one of the best cigars out there for the money. The taste gets better and better with each draw. By the time you get to burning the tips of your fingers you will still puff away! Very earthy cigar with a slight pepper taste. Keep up the good work Room 101!
JO of Norman, OK