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Rocky Patel The Edge

A well-aged powerhouse from Rocky Patel and company.

The Edge by Rocky Patel cigars is waiting, so get your favorite chair ready. Comprised of a dazzling array of superior, aged premium tobaccos including ample Ligero, Edge allows one to realize the combined blending and cigar-making skills of Rocky Patel and Nestor Plasencia. The Edge is no doubt one of the stronger cigars on the market. However, the power is controlled, the strength extraordinarily well-balanced, the flavor extremely smooth - a feat for any blender crafting such a full-tilt blend. The mature, crisp flavors coalesce at just the right moment, allowing you to gradually appreciate the complexity and strength of the cigar, as opposed to being simply overpowered by a potent blow to the palate. In the end, you're left with a full-flavored blast of spicy, well rounded accents that will fully entertain the most veteran of palates. 

The Edge is available in two different wrappers, a spicy, mucho-robust Corojo leaf or a super-rich maduro that’s dark and oily.

Edge received an impressive '90' rating in addition to 'Best Buy' honors. Here's what the critics had to say: "Although there are minor flaws on the cap, this torpedo burns and draws evenly, with wood, caramel and cocoa flavors. The finish is dry and long with a hint of pepper."

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Box of 20 + 10 Cigars Backordered $267.00
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Battalion Corojo (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
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Box of 20 + 10 Cigars In Stock $265.00
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Double Corona Corojo (7.5"x52)
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Box of 10 + 10 Cigars In Stock $194.50
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Howitzer Corojo (Gordo) (7.0"x70)
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Box of 25 + 10 Cigars Backordered $245.00
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Missile Corojo (Torpedo) (5.0"x48)
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Box of 20 + 10 Cigars In Stock $218.00
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Robusto Corojo (5.5"x50)
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Toro (6.0"x52) New
Box of 100 Backordered $695.00
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Box of 20 + 10 Cigars Backordered $224.00
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Toro Corojo (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $34.75
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Box of 20 + 10 Cigars Backordered $230.00
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Torpedo Corojo (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $34.50
Box of 20 + 10 Cigars Backordered $267.00
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Battalion Maduro (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Pack of 5 In Stock $43.00
Box of 20 + 10 Cigars In Stock $265.00
save $103.01 39% off
Double Corona Maduro (7.5"x52)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $42.50   Notify
Box of 10 + 10 Cigars Backordered $194.50
save $96.51 50% off
Howitzer Maduro (Gordo) (7.0"x70)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $52.00   Notify
Box of 25 + 10 Cigars In Stock $245.00
save $101.01 41% off
Missile Maduro (Torpedo) (5.0"x48)
Pack of 5 Out Of Stock $30.50   Notify
Box of 20 + 10 Cigars Backordered $218.00
save $99.01 45% off
Robusto Maduro (5.5"x50)
Pack of 5 Backordered $31.50
Box of 20 + 10 Cigars Backordered $224.00
save $99.01 44% off
Toro Maduro (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $33.00
Box of 20 + 10 Cigars In Stock $230.00
save $100.01 43% off
Torpedo Maduro (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5 Backordered $34.50
Toro Candela (6.0"x52)
Box of 20 In Stock $132.00
save $14.01 11% off
Overall Rating 4.52777777777778 out of 5 Based on 36 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel The Edge”

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5 out of 5
Best of Rocky Patel!
Outstanding cigar, my and full flavor!
5 out of 5
Quick service always. Been with
Quick service always. Been with you for 4 yrs
5 out of 5
RP Maduro Missile
Great deal! Good Smoke! Great after work when I have 30-40 minutes to sit. Arrived in a few days. Also came with a freebe that turned out to be a pleasant suprise. Will be ordering fro CI more often!
3 out of 5
good overall but the 1990
good overall but the 1990 is better.this cigar is a little less flavorful but not bad at all.
5 out of 5
excellent cigar
very good cigar everyone that saw it said man that's a big cigar.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Love Rocky Patel's Edge Lite Battalion.
Rocky Patel'S Edge Lite Battalion is a great smoke to relax and have a scotch! Highly recommended!
5 out of 5
Great Smoke, Good everyday
My go to smoke, never let's me down!
5 out of 5
Great cigar for a serious
Great cigar for a serious cigar smoker
5 out of 5
Edge Corojo-Smokin!
Great smoke. Burns even and slow. A big hit at our annual Myrtle Beach golf trip. Even the guy who smokes only Cubans loved them.
1 out of 5
I gave this a 1 star, at first it was sweet tasting and peppery during the draw test unlit. Said, hey this could be a nice relaxing cigar after dinner. Well once lit the stick lost the flavor i witnessed un lit. For the 1st 3rd it was kind of peppery with a sort of smokey flavor almost like a fire cured with pepper.25minutes in the draw was horrible, the stick had no flavor, no notes of what was described. I would categorize this as a plain jane smoke with draw problems through out the smoke. Tried loosening the knots in the cigar. It was just not enjoyable at this point. Wont be getting this again. Not the only one that complained about draw issues.
5 out of 5
Missile Maduro...YES
Had one of these, Amazing. Right from the light up to end. great ride
3 out of 5
Small Smoke Good size
Nice size cigar. Small smoke. Burns even and slow. comes apart 3/4 away down.
3 out of 5
Taste is, they're Rocky's so yeah, real good, but out of a box of 20, no more than 5 gave me an even burn. Voids, hard spots, constant re-lights and burning down one side. Aggravating and not conducive to a relaxing smoke. I hope this doesn't become a trend I really like the flavor of these cigars.
5 out of 5
Flavorfull stick
The cigar has a consistent flavor profile through the length of the burn, notes of chocolate, leather, and crwamy smoke are present. Burns well, light draw. Full to medium bodied and very nice construction. A real goto cigar.
5 out of 5
Aged is Awesome!!
I don't know how many years these have been produced but; I have some from many year's back. I just had my second one from a Box that has been ageing many years. PERFECT in all ways. Taste, cut, draw, burn, etc. You name it, it's there. IDK what the 'rating' is but I'll give them a 96. Perfect in every way. The KEY for every Cigar is to sit. Sit, sit and sit more. WOW!!
5 out of 5
Great cigar!
The Edge Battalion Maduro is an excellent cigar. Full of flavor and burns even. Long lasting smoke while enjoying an evening on the deck.
5 out of 5
Gret Stick!
My all time go to favorite. Burns smooth, never have had any problem when I buy this one.
5 out of 5
Absolutley delicious cigar it's about a medium strength, smokes real nice, and all out tasty. I call it a 2 hour cigar, it's goes great at the local brew pub having Micro Brewed beer.
5 out of 5
My Favorite Cigars
I started cigar smoking at a rum bar in Phoenix and I knew nothing about cigars. I picked this cigar for the dark oily wrapper and then they matched a 12 year old El Dorado Rum with it. I was in heaven! I had no idea how good cigars could be, I have had some in the military but never bought any of my own just stuff others gave to me. This cigar was so good and matched with a fantastic rum it became my favorite combo. It is still my favorite cigar, very smooth, I never understood why they said for professional smokers only. I have shared this cigar with people that wanted to try it, people that have had bad experiences with cigars, and people that I traded with, and not one single person had anything bad to say about it. In fact I have my roommate smoking cigars and the only ones he will smoke are these. I won't go into the flavors like everyone else, I am still learning that part, but I can say hands down this is still my favorite and a favorite amongst my friends.
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Corojo
One of the best cigars from The Rocky Patel portfolio, just love them. One great cigar!!!
3 out of 5
Good but inconsistent. Some boxes
Good but inconsistent. Some boxes are good others mediocre.
4 out of 5
The Edge
A decent smoke. I would like to try other Rocky Patel cigars...
5 out of 5
slow smoking, full bodied
Excellent Nicaraguian cigar
5 out of 5
Nice smooth stick
This is my go to cigar! Great after dinner, lunch, or even breakfast. A must try...
4 out of 5
A Good Smoke
Excellent balance of richness and flavor.
5 out of 5
Patel Edge
Very fine cigar. It lives up to it's rating. I will make this cigar one of my regular purchases in the future. Cool draw, even burn, great taste.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke!
Got one of the Toro Candela's from my brother and really enjoyed it. This was my first Rocky Patel smoke. Bought a box for myself- Merry Christmas to me! Nice flavor, even burn. Gave a couple to my buddy and now he's wanting more.
5 out of 5
Edge Battalion
Great smoke! medium full body smooth.
5 out of 5
A must have
gave these as a early Christmas and after sampling during a football game, I now know what I want for Christmas
5 out of 5
Outstanding. But it was rocky
Outstanding. But it was rocky Patel aftersll
4 out of 5
The Battalion by Rocky Patel
Even though this is one of my favorite 10 or 9 cigars of late, I would make 2 suggestions. The cigars could be just slightly tighter packed, and a stouter leaf used for the wrapper.I digress, even at that these are an extremely tasty cigar.
3 out of 5
Quality issues
Rock Patel Edge has been my favorite for years. Lately, the quality of filler has been poor. The cigar burns poorly and just not worth the cost. They're kicking the product out without effective quality control checks. Not planning to purchase anymore.
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel The Edge Robusto Maduro
I thought they were perfect...nice draw, even burn,,,,,very enjoyable
5 out of 5
One of my favorite cigars!
One of my favorite cigars!
5 out of 5
Ooohwee! If your looking for a seriously good palat spank this stick is for you. I love them!
Customer Testimonials
First cigar I ever smoked, and the stick that opened this world to me. Great cigar, don't pass it by, order some now.
I am not one for creative writing, but I will agree about it being full of flavor and strong. I like it. I had Knob Creek Select 120 standing by to go with it.
I got one of these Rocky Edge from my local shop. Great cigar; it didn't seem like it was as strong as it was. I like a strong cigar, but I got thru half and had to put it out due to really bad heartburn. I never had a cigar do that to me, but a good damn cigar. If it don't give you heartburn and if you haven't tried this yet, give it a shot.
The concern I have about telling everyone how The Edge Maduro has entered into my daily rotation of 4-5 cigars is, they might raise the price, stop offering it in promotions, run out of them, etc., etc. However, I cannot, in good conscience (or bad, for that matter), resist raving about this cigar. It is simply fabulous. I even have The Edge Maduro in rotation after a Padron and it doesn't disappoint, not one bit.
The Edge Maduro is my go-to cigar when looking for a flavorful maduro. Tons of flavor, very full, yet not so full you get that light headed feeling. I reach for one of these whenever I'm pairing with a cup of coffee. Great cigar!
One of my all-time favorite maduros. Always good. Always potent, and always enjoyable.... Love them.
DAMN!!! What a smoke! (microphone drop and feedback)
The Rocky Patel Edge Torpedo Maduro cigar is the best cigar I have ever smoked. I have tried too many cigars to mention and I consider myself a very good judge when it comes to good smoke, all kinds of tobacco. Cigars, pipes, cigs and anything else that comes in burning form. I would rate this cigar at 97 and yes I smoked Cubans and this is just as good I promise you that. The burn and flavors are second to none; I won’t mention flavors because everybody is different when it comes to that but this is sure to please the most discriminating cigar smokers. I will never be without them as long as Rocky makes them and if he stops making them I hope I am not here on this earth. Try one, sit back and have a good drink it is the best place on earth to be.
The Torpedo Madoro Edge is the best cigar I have ever smoked, strong yet mellow in a way. The flavors are bold and spicy and it burns so slow, I do not have words for all of this cigar just do yourself a favor buy a box, you will not go wrong. I have smoked hundreds of cigars. The best yet and goes well with Jack on the rocks with a splash of water. I love many cigars but this will always be my go to cigar as long as they make them.
Got a fiver of toros as a special with my last order. I've been seeing a lot on here about Rocky Patel and was curious to see what all the fuss is about. Well, now I know, and boxes of ten are on special in October. And tomorrow is payday. I don't find these super-strong, but they do have a lot of flavor. They're more subtle, I think, than some of the cigars I tend to favor, and very smooth. I'm always going to be a hit me with a sledgehammer kind of guy, but these definitely have a place in my humidor.
I fell in love at first light. From the moment I laid eyes on this baby I just knew we were meant to be together. A good cigar comforts the soul. And it lasts a helluva lot longer than some damn Starbucks.
One of the best Maduro cigars I've smoked. I bought the torpedo's and fell in love with The Edge right from the start. Highly recommend these, delicious right out of the box. Great cigar at any price and you won't be disappointed!
Good tasting cigar, very meaty. Last a long time.
By far one of my favorite cigars. Couple this with a nice whiskey drink and it can't be beat!
Only rereview I've ever done & all I have to say is... My new go to stick! Full bodied, full flavored & in yo face. If that's your type pf cigar, then this is the one for you. Still having issues with the burn but I'm positive it's from the shop over humidifyig them & me not being able to let them rest long enough. Great stick! Pick some up today.
The best Rocky Patel I've had ever. The Edge is a rich, robust flavor, with a smooth draw. Remain seated and enjoy this wonderful smoke with a dark lager beer!
This is a great stick. I picked up a maduro in the toro size from my local shop. After resting overnight I couldnt wait any longer. This cigar has everything for the full bodied enthusiast. Nice flavor profile. Nice body & plentiful smoke output. Very well balanced. However I experienced some problems with the burn. Had to relight/touch it up 3 times. I'm sure it's because the shop where I bought it overhumidified it. Despite all of that, I enjoyed this stick once I got it going. Great cigar & the smoke off the foot smells awesome. Will definitely smoke more but I will have to be patient next time. If you like a full flavored stick then this is for you.
Just finishing my first one of these . What a great cigar! For a full cigar incredibly smooth with flavors of leather and chocolate cake. Nice long even burn. Definitely great with a glass of bourbon. Great experience
I am definitely an Edge freak Maduro, Habano but man the Corjo is my favorite stick. It took me a long time even to try one, the toro Edge Maduro. I smoked them every day at least 3 a day. Then finally, I tried Belisco corjo and I'm hooked. I'm not one to smoke the same cigar all the time I mix it up a lot. I have a plethora of cigars in my 150 capacity humi. I let some sticks rest for years before I go back to them. Not these. They go faster than I can stock back up. So don't delay get a supply NOW. full body, full flavor all the things that make it a joy to smoke cigars. Pepper, sweet Carmel, cedar, oaky wood I have a permanent burn spot on my finger and thumb, I just can't put it down. I'm thinking about becoming a chain cigar smoker.
This cigar is pretty close to perfect in all aspects. Construction, burn consistency and overall flavor profile. Add the volume of smoke you get with the perfect draw...this is a no brainer go to smoke.Try one and you'll be hooked! Excellent cigar.
Rocky Patel Edge Corojo Toro is a medium bodied smoke. Dominant flavors are creamy tobacco, leather, cashew with hints of vanilla/white chocolate. Long Cream leather finish that coats your pallet. Perfect construction with plenty smoke output with a cool burn to the nub. Overall I rate a 91, in agreement with Cigar Aficionados
I have smoked many cigars from many places. All sizes, wrappers, binders, fillers what have you. I have become a Rocky Patel convert and all out junky! My wife and I frequent cigar bars and smoke shops up and down the East Coast. Whenever I get in one I always go for an Edge Battalion if they have them. It feels great in my hand, flawless construction, even burn, smooth draw and flavors so sumptuous I cannot resist this cigar. It goes with premium coffees, cognac, scotch or a nice aged port. I am always delighted with the experience, it's like talking with an old friend! It's the one cigar I never want to go without in my humidors. Rocky is the bomb and CI makes the pleasure affordable and frequent. Thank you again and again guys! you've got a customer for life!
I've been smoking the Toro Maduro Edge (6 x 52) cigars for years and they've been a basic staple in my humidor for all occasions. Last night, on a clear, cool evening and accompanied by some Glenfiddich 15 year scotch, I enjoyed my first Battalion Maduro - 6 x 60. For anyone who has enjoyed the smaller stock and not this, you are in for a treat! This dark, oily, veiny, chewy gem was absolutely amazing! And it cannot be compared to the Toro I had been previously married to. Both wonderful; however, if you'd like to sink your teeth into a new experience, then you have to go BIG. This delicious and extremely well-constructed beauty burned evenly and cool at all times delivering luxurious, creamy mouthfuls of luscious, thick smoke that hovered in the still evening, further enhancing my pleasure. Hints of leather, oak, spice and earth combine to create a perfect, dynamic, and extremely complex palate. And while this cigar is definitely a medium to full body, it pleases the palate with flavor without overpowering it like some full-bodied cigars that taste as if you might be smoking a campfire. And I have to admit ... as I was sinking into its spell, I found myself looking upon it and admiring it with what can only be described as "romantic eyes." For I had, in fact, fallen in love! And while it's not appropriate to discuss such things in public, I must say that this masterpiece aroused my spirit. Definitely going for the box! Take my word and share my joy! Peace!!
This is a real powerhouse of a cigar...if you want to take a little off the "EDGE" try dry boxing it for a couple of days...and enjoy. It really does make a difference....DAMN GOOD CIGAR!!!!
The epitome of a quality cigar...packed with flavor and a chewy maduro favorite smoke by far...solid construction!
Been meaning to try one of these for quite some time and finally got around to it this morning. Well made cigar with a good maduro smell to it. It lit right up with no problems. Really solid, strong maduro taste right off the bat. I wouldn't say exceptional taste like some, but definitively a good maduro for sure. It was burning nice and even with a great draw...lots of smoke, but about half way through I hit a few rough patches. With some careful touch ups I was able to keep smoking along. Very enjoyable cigar, not my favorite, but I would smoke one again. It's not what you would call a "complex" stick, the flavor stays pretty much the same throughout, but it's a good flavor.
I try the robusto size the Edge by rocky Patel , what a great smoke.Very smooth , great flavor, little spice with some sweet too. One of the best cigars I smoke in 2013. Thanks to C I for the great deals, and thank you to Rocky Patel to share with all cigar smokers. Who needs Cuban cigars when we got rocky Patel.
Great construction, burn and draw. Beware though this stick is STRONG. Even regular smokers will be knocked back in their chair after smoking one.
Just had my first rocky patel edge. Good smoke nice flavor burns evenly. I recommend it for a once a week cigar, maybe more.
Well I just had the maduro torpedo great draw, good flavor but I don't think they could have colored the wrapper any darker. The brown color was coming off on my fingers and lips. Come on, rocky maduros don't have to look like a struck match
Here's one of those cigars that I get in samplers, and it sits there for a while before I say 'alright, let's do this!' If I tried it sooner, there'd already be a lot more of these in my humidor. I don't know about all the warning hype it gets - 'may manifest a third testicle,' and so on - but it is full on flavor, and rich in smoke. On the other hand, it has some of the smoother characteristics that I really enjoy in a medium cigar. I think, contrary to people saying 'this is not for rookies,' that this is actually a GREAT full cigar for rookies, because you can enjoy some real cigar flavors without feeling as though you ate an ashtray sandwich.
I received a couple of the RP Edge in a CI sampler. Placed in humi for a few days and couldn't resist trying one. I agree with the other reviewers: It was great. Very satisfying, beautifully constructed, and for its rated strength completely smokeable without harshness. I am new to cigars and have CI to thank for enabling me to explore and experience great cigars and yet not totally go bankrupt. I smoked it down to almost the end and was slightly light headed but very satisfied!!
This is a fine cigar, and the strength is held in check by the smoothness of the smoke. While having to apply the lighter here and there to keep it even, it's nothing that really bothered me. In fact, it has been my eperience that any RP is a good cigar, but all of them have a problem staying even. The edge is a great cigar to try a 5 pack, then decide if this smoke is for you.
I was both disappointed and satisfied with this cigar. My disappointment was in the strength, since it was far less than I was expecting.... However, the Edge is far from being a smoke for Pro's only, it is for anyone who loves the taste of good tobacao. Having said this, the Edge is a great cigar with a smooth flavor that most would like. The burn time was a little faster than I like, but wouldn't prevent me from smoking them. The Diesel is more intense in full body than the Edge, but both are great cigars. The Edge doesn't smoke as even as the Diesel, and I had to use my lighter several times to even it up. Even so, it is worth the purchase of a 5 pack to judge the cigar for yourself.
Alot of my work associates swear by rockys, so I tried the Edge which was in the top 25 of 2011 in cigar journal. I had a hard time getting the Toro going, so I cut off the burn, opened it up with the draw poker and relit. The flavors gradually came out with a better draw. I feel this cigar needs to sit in the humidor for a while. Overall a well constructed corojo with sweet notes on the medium side. Definite aromas of tea as described in cigar journal.
Very good smoke! Smoked one a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Now just finished one and went ahead and lit up another one! Little sweet, little spicy. Excellent. One of my favorites now!
Been smoking the Edge (Toro Corojo) since they used to come without a band on them. I have found it to be the best everyday cigar around. Every time I get a box of something different, I wish I had just purchased more Edges. Great cigar, Rocky! Keep 'em coming.
The first time i bought one it was good. and i took the advice of the box. Yesterday, however i got a lil full of myself and attempted to do it standing...whoa. not good. but at the same time soooooo good. it was like getting hit with a 500 ton demon and begging for more.
Picked up a RP-The Edge Battalion size(6x60) at a local smoke shop, then I let it sit in my humi for 3 months before enjoying. I finally smoked it recently and all I can say "wonderful". Great draw/burn, slightly sweet with a smooth taste. I started to get a little lightheaded towards the nub, but nothing that would've made me stop smoking this glorious creation. I will be buying these again.
Really pretty cigar that burns well. After that observation, I'd say it is just barely smokeable. I did not like the flavor of this blend in a cigar. It tastes almost like perique pipe tobacco to me, but with a metallic aftertaste. I like most RP's I've had, especially the Decade. That thing deserves it's 95, but a 90 is not the edge.
Still a beginner, and just starting to tell the good from the bad... Rocky Patel "The Edge" = GREAT!
The Edge. The First Cigar I Really Loved. Period.
Absolutely the best cigar on the market today for the price. Rocky Patel sure did smack it "out of the park" when he made The Edge. My humidor will ALWAYS have a box of Edge's in it. This is my "goto" cigar when I can't decide what I'm in the mood for. Additionally, it's one of very few cigars that I actually look forward to lighting up. The Edge is the measuring stick by which all other cigars are graded. Construction is consistent and beautiful. Flavor is complex but very satisfying. Strength is definitely a "make sure you smoke on a full stomach" prerequisite!!
The Edge Maduro is an everyday flavor powerhouse for $5. I like most of RP's line as he is CONSISTENT! (In logic, a consistent theory is one that does not contain a contradiction) 93.
Rocky Patel doesn't mess around when it comes to full bodied. I seldom unearth a cigar that has so much to offer the discriminating palate. It's heavy, yet smooth. It's exerts strength while being balanced. Leather, spice, pepper, wood, earth all mixed to a complexity you seldom find right from the B & M. I'm gonna buy a bunch and set them aside to see where they take me.
The Edge Maduro is my 2nd favorite cigar (behind the Cohiba). It's a dark, strong, complex smoke that lasts and lasts. Even my friends who prefer milds say these are great. If the cost has been holding you back, try them in a sampler or wait for a discounted deal. You won't be sorry.
Man! These babies are right up there at the top. Ya'll boyz best gettya some theze rite now. I really mean it, these are excellent; perfect construction, draw, flavor, etc. They are beautiful to just look at even if you never torch it.
I just tried one of The Edge Maduros I picked up at my local cigar shop. Oh MY ! I am not usually a full bodied cigar smoker but have one occasionally, opting for more medium bodied smokes in general, but I think I am going to be now:) This cigar rocks .I will just have to learn not to stand up quickly after smokin these down to the nub. Ordering some as soon as I have room in the humi.
I'm somewhat of a rookie to cigars in that I started enjoying them while on a tour in Iraq last year, although I have tried a few real cubans and can tell the difference between quality cigars vs. a certain rugged brand that comes in a foil pack. I keep my humidor packed with plenty of my go-to sticks...RP Vintage 1990s. I've been reluctant to try many other cigars because I've been hooked on the Vintage 90' and you can never go wrong with what's already proven to be good. Nonetheless, based on the quality of a few various RP blends I've tried, I decided to get a RP sampler pack to expand my experience. It's been sitting in my humidor for about 2-3 weeks, and after watching several cigars reviews on other websites I decided yesterday's 18-hole golf game would be the perfect place to test drive The Edge in the Corojo wrapper. I have nothing but good things to say. It truly was a great cigar. Started out nice and toasty...not too strong...a little too peppery to blow through the nostrils (for me at least), but rich, smooth flavor that was all-around delicious. My golf game sucked, but The Edge was a winner no doubt. Thanks RP for another great blend!
Tried an Edge maduro a few nights ago. One of the most amazing cigars I've smoked so far. I only recommend this cigar to someone who has tried and enjoyed a few other heavy-hitters, because this one will knock you on your butt. I love strong cigars, and this is about as strong as they come.
My wife surprised me with a couple of the Edge Torpedo's in the Corojo wrapper. This was actually the first time I was ever exposed to the Corojo wrapper and I must say WOW what a stick, this is probably one of the most well constructed cigars I've seen in a while. This cigar had some of the most beautiful complex flavors without being harsh or nasty in the slightest bit. It started off with the pre toasting aroma that will make your mouth water, after toasting and the first few puffs its almost as if you have a mouthful of warm, buttery, toast. about 2 inches in I literally thought my wife had sprayed Fabreze, because I started getting this faint floral aroma and the flavor changed to this wonderful bouquet of flavors all complex but never overpowering. The cigar held it's ash for well over 2 inches before I bumped it off and burned evenly all the way to the fingers. This cigar is a home run all the way, Rocky and Nestor, Thank You for opening my eyes to cigar flavors which I have never experienced in my 18 years of cigar smoking. I will be ordering some of these from C.I. as soon as I make room in my humi.
I met with a cigar club last night. The host brought Baccarat Churchills. They were good, mild, easy draw, sweet cap - nice cigar. Normally I don't smoke two cigars back to back (only if they are smaller), but the guys indicated they were going for a second round. As we sat on the covered porch, the Good Lord lit up the sky with His shock and awe, natural fireworks of thunder and incredible lightning. Not the time to run to the car, so I pulled out the Edge Corojo toro that I had brought ... man was that great ... how can I describe it ... deep, complex, smooth, beautiful construction, nice draw, powerful but not overwhelming ... almost a toffee caramel underlying taste (not heavy or too sweet) ... a suggestion of that. I have to say this is one of the better smokes that I have had in a good while. Bravo, Rocky & Nestor. And thanks, Lord, for the show and the much needed rain.
Rocky Patel Edge Corojo, What can I say? Absolutely the best cigar value period. You wouldn't think a 4 buck stick could outclass ones costing 4 times as much but it can and does. You can see the oils glistening around the perfect burn line every time. Perfect draw, clouds of smoke, a very consistent stick. If I had the humidor space, I'd get them by the 100 count chest I go through them so fast!
I like to describe this cigar as the most "professional" cigar in my humidor. It is so well made!... The construction, draw, burn, and flavor are collectively flawless. I always look forward to smoking this truly amazing cigar.
The Rocky Patel Edge maduro is an INTENSE cigar. The flavor and spice just boggled my mind...a kick-in-your-rear type of cigar. It lets you know it is not one to be taken lightly. Highly recommended! One of the best maduros you'll probably ever sample.
I have come to really like the edge battalion cigars in the maduro and corojo. I like the flavor they put out when smoking and the aroma along with the consistency. This cigar is upcoming and on its way to my favorites list and house in my humidor. Ci also has the best prices on there cigars..
For a continuous smooth smoke time after time, (Rocky Patel The Edge) is the way to go. Read all the other reviews, we can't all be wrong. Rocky's got a very good thing going in all his cigars, next to the Estate family these are by far my favorite.
I smoked one of these (Rocky Patel The Edge) that a friend gave to me. I LOVE IT! You must try this one. It has a wonderful peppery taste with just a little hint of leather, nuts and coffee. This cigar is well made and burns very even, and draws smooth. I will be buying some of my own very soon.
I'm a maduro lover, but love The(Rocky Patel The Edge) , and fell in love with it as a "change of pace" milder smoke. So, I had very high hopes for the maduro Edge. Well, It lived up to many of my expectations; it's a beautifully crafted cigar, with a perfect burn, and draw, but as far as maduros go, it wouldn't make my top 5. Too many beauties out there. But, on a lighter note, try The Edge Lite... it's excellent!
Been smoking these for years (Rocky Patel The Edge), they will NOT weaken the knees with power but will sure make your taste buds dance the jig..without a doubt the best bang for your buck on the market, Rocky's been a great guy at any event Ive been to and you can see why he cherishes the Edge line so much.....his passion for the industry is all placed in this one cigar,,,if you try the corojo and find that its not for you please forward the rest of your stogies to Westford Mass,,,they will surely not go to waste P.S. I have pictures to prove that I have smoked an entire toro without ashing one time,,,a challenge to all,,,to be honest it not that difficult with this cigar........~long ashes, Mike~
It's difficult to fault the skills of Mr. Patel and Mr. excellent cigar (Rocky Patel The Edge). She's certainly powerful, but not at all harsh. Beautifully made, long, firm ash and a dead-even burn. This one is a favourite.
ah ,senor patel, you crafty devil you. i have finally found it, "the perfect cigar" the [edge torpedo corojo] this bad boy is quite simply everything i like in a cigar,a very earthy core , lots of spice,and tons of compexity.but the thing that seals the deal is this undertone of light cream and vanilla. i kid you not , i have only smoked a few cuban cigars in my life , but this thing reminded of them . my 90 year old neighbor smoked one with me . he commented several times how rich this cigar was, i could tell by his look of contentment, this was a winner. this fella was born in havana in 1918 , left in 1958 , and came to ohio in the 70s and ran a pizzaria , of all things , weve been smokin cigars together ,once a week for 3 years. im in my late 30s , and i have learned more about enjoying my life from him than anyone. his thoughts of the good ole days back home , and his remarks about the quality of pre castro cigars ,and how they were indeed the best , even better than todays cubans, but as we have discovered in the last 3 years , todays blenders away from cuba are creating a new golden age of cigars,the [don pepin garcia cuban classic] the [camacho slr maduro ]and the [gurkha triple ligero], rating very high on his and my list , but the edge is in the stratusphere , perfect construction, perfect burn and perfect balance, and no more full in body than camacho or pepin garcia . the finish is long and smooth and slightly carmely .this cigar is never harsh , powerful yes , but smooth as silk. this thing has gotten pretty good reviews, rocky has had a few rate higher. but this cigar alone makes rocky king of cigars in my book. richard petty, elvis, and rocky patel . the edge lives!!!
So i decided to taste what all the hype was about. The "Edge By R.P.", yeah it's strong but that's NOT the story. The story lies in the flavors, coffee, wood, pepper, oh so pronounced. Strong, flavorfull and your head and belly also get in the mix. WOW! I even worked up a sweat. OK boys time to get your chest hairs on, Try it, talk about hairy....i feel like the Wolf Man....AHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOO, later.
I recently started smoking these beauties Rocky Patel The Edge and have absolutly fallen head over heels for them, dare I say they have quickly become my new favorite. I mean wow! From the first draw all the way to the nub I can't get enough.
One of my favorite cigars. (Rocky Patel 'The Edge') It takes no thought to taste the flavors. The flavors of this cigar are the most accessible of any cigar I have smoked. Sweet, spicy, woody, and rich, without having to concentrate. The understated label plays down the rumble of flavor you are about to experience. I have had some issues on a few with the wrapper burning uneven, but it could easily be as much my fault as theirs.
The Edge Missile is my all time favorite cigar. I don't know how they get it so perfect. The flavors are so plentiful and so rich and smooth. Every single cigar burns evenly and always has the perfect draw. I wouldn't recommend for rookie smokers, since it is a bit on the stronger side. But always a a delicious and full flavor cigar
What can i say about this brand? Rocky is the man. The Edge is the most refined,well balanced, and flavorful cigar on the market. I do not know how he comes up with great new cigars every year but i am glad that he does. I do not know if The Edge has been rated yet but i would give it a 94 or 95 rating. The Edge should be a classic.
Just finished my second RP Edge, great cigar!!!! The burn was even and required no touch ups. The draw was perfect, and CI has great prices I just put the RP Edge on auto order every month. Overall, great full body cigar, and has good aroma, down to the nub.
Edge Corojo...what can i say, its a legend. Never fails to satisfy and has a permanent place in my humidor. Edge Maduro..strong enough to shut up anyone who thinks no cigar is strong enough! Both are great and worth trying!
ive read reviews here on this site about the RP The Edge. i went down to a local smoke shop and grabbed one and i was amazed. it kept its slow and even burn and tasted delicious. i think ive found the perfect cigar.
I grabbed this cigar out of my humidor ready for a cigar that would sit me down (Rocky Patel The Edge). When i took the first draw, i was greatly taken back. This full-tilt cigar was smooth right off the bat. Maybe it was the shape of the cigar (I had a torpedo) but this masterpiece of a cigar was a silky smooth crescendo into flavor I haven't seen in a cigar before. The draw was perfect--and i strongly suggest this cigar to anyone who wants perfection.
So I had a RP Sun Grown in my hand and decided to go with an Edge by Rocky P for an after dinner smoke. What a way to spend a Friday night. The smoke was wonderful from start to finish. The burn was even and I found the taste even, and consistant as my mind began to get a bit fuzzy. I soon found myself pinching the last of the smoke, but it did not get hot at all. I put the butt down and decided to just sit back and relax with a full stomach and the taste still with me. I gotta quit trying these excellent samplers RP Full tilt, because now I can no longer settle. Great stick!!!!!
I smoked a (Edge by Rocky Patel) Corojo Toro and enjoyed it very much. Excellent draw, slow only very slightly uneven burn and a heavy body with excellent flavour. I didn't find the strength overwhelming, but then I lean towards fairly full-bodied cigars. This one I'll buy; Mr. Patel is one of the top blenders, in my view.
Damn, what a fine cigar ! There is noting more to say.
The beauty in this stick that is smokes of sticks many times the cost. A nice find for a daily stick. Dark, rich, oily wrappers and spicy tasty of smooth boldness in every draw make the Edge a fav in my humidor. It only gets better as you draw down on it to is fiesty finish. Great stick. My Rate: 88
Initially I was "afraid" of this cigar because of all the hype of how strong this cigar was (Edge by Rocky Patel) . But after trying it I must say that for being a full bodied smoke it is incredibly smooth. This is a cigar that is great for all occasions and while it is without doubt a full bodied smoke i have found even beginners enjoy the flavor and taste of this cigar. The construction, burn, and draw on this (and all RP's) is amazing.
I tried Rocky Patel's Edge for the first time a couple of months ago and I must say these cigars are the best that I have smoked, I prefer the light and I am extremely happy with the flavor of these cigars at a very reasonable price!!
I love this cigar (Edge by Rocky Patel). It's affordable, pleasureable and complex. The power that this thing packs doesnt affect me too much as I'm used to smoking a La Flor Dominica Ligero most of the time, however my friends certainly feel it. I think that this cigar is wonderful and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good full bodied smoke. Also, and my friends and I have timed this; if you get the toro size it can last you up to 2 hrs and 45mins! so make sure you have pleanty of time.
I tried both the regular and light versions(Edge by Rocky Patel) and loved them both. I prefer the light so I can still drive or operate heavy machinery while smoking it but they are both spectacular. The light was extremely smooth and tasty and surprisingly did not leave an after taste. The smoke bellowed to the point where I had a hard time seeing anything in front of me. Truly awesome....
A few nights ago I went out on the patio with a few fingers of apres dinner brandy and an Edge (Edge by Rocky Patel). It was clear and crisp and the stars were putting on a show. A beautiful Louisiana evening. Man, that cigar was good! Nubbed it for sure. Great draw and clouds of delicious smoke all the way down to the end. Right place, right time... Man life is good.
Picked up a 5 pack of the Edge by Rocky Patel. My first experience with a Rocky Patel cigar. I have only one word to describe it - Outstanding. A full bodied cigar with excellent construction and flavor. Mouthfulls of smoke with each enjoyable draw. Needless to say I will soon be ordering more of these extraordinary cigars in the near future. Thanks again to CI for introducing me to yet another fine smoking experience the
These have become the main stay of my humidor. smoked savored appreciated and shared with friends every chance i get. I think i have 125 left better get some cash together soon. Buying them by the chest has been a real savings. But WOW now I am buying the seconds and the mistakes and oh my lord what a cigar at what an amazing deal. Thanks so much for the introduction. HMMMMMMM where is my clipper its after 8am.

The Edge by Rocky Patel

Brandon S
A while back we had an in-store event featuring Indian Tabac products where Rocky Patel first began introducing the Edge. As we were getting setup I noticed from across the room that Rocky was walking around applying stickers to the 100-ct boxes of Edge cigars. Closer inspection of these stickers revealed something along the lines of a friendly warning to cigar enthusiasts, “For Professional Smokers Only – Smoke only while sitting” Being a big fan of rich and full-bodied cigars I pressed Rocky for more information on the blend however my inquisition was cut short when he handed me an Edge Corojo and said “try it”.

With the runaway success and outstanding ratings that the Vintage line received, most cigar enthusiasts seemed eager to see if Rocky could sustain the momentum with the newer blends. That was back in late September of 2004 and since then I have redefined my perception of Indian Tabac and Rocky Patel from a maker of good quality and flavorful cigars to that of a true Master Blender which produces some of the hottest blends available today.

There is no doubt that the Edge is a full-bodied cigar however it is not the strength of this cigar that I find so intriguing. Rather it is the exceptional level of flavor and complexity that I experience while enjoying one. From the very first draw this cigar is incredibly smooth…not something I have come to expect from a Corojo wrapper. The flavor is rich and leathery but without bite or being peppery. A few more inches in and the complexity really begins to become noticeable. While the flavor of this cigar remains relatively constant throughout, the variations in the flavor are what sets this cigar apart from countless others. The construction is nothing short of flawless and as of yet I have not had to sacrifice one to a poor draw. Add to this the voluminous clouds of smoke this cigar is capable of producing and it is easy to see why Rocky’s cigars are being held in such high regard and score ratings in the stratosphere.


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