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Rocky Patel Signature Series

A mellow masterpiece that'll soothe the beast within.

Rocky Patel Signature cigars. This supremely limited collection showcases Rocky's trademark quality but in a new incarnation: a mellow to medium-bodied blend with unparalleled balance.  A perfect "step-up" from the uber-popular Rocky Patel Connecticut, the Signature Series is one you should most certainly pay attention to. 

It all starts with a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper encasing a recipe of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers. This yields an exceedingly rich flavor profile - a richness not normally found in a mellower cigar - plus a distinctive creamy, buttery goodness. Plus, with that signature CI discount slapping a big ol' 50% off sticker on boxes of these, you'd be a fool not to jump on 'em. 

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Toro (6.0"x52)
Box of 20In Stock$200.00
save $100.0150% off
Toro (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5Out Of Stock$50.00
save $15.0030% off
Overall Rating4.17 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel Signature Series”

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5 out of 5
Very good cigar
This stick smokes as good as it looks, smooth enough for breakfast and flavorful enough for the evening.
5 out of 5
a good smoke
i like these cigars quite a lot. not too strong, burn well, taste good. i can smoke one every day after dinner.
5 out of 5
Something special!
I bought the these for my son-in-law and saved a few for myself. RP has out done himself with this excellent smoke. Mellow, great even burn, volumes of puffy white smoke and wonderful nuances spices and wood. Now I visit the kids more often as to enjoy the rest at their place. Will buy again!
5 out of 5
i love them
a very nice cigar, not too strong, just right. i have always smoked vintage 90 and 92, but these are great also.
4 out of 5
not my favorite rocky
not too bad, not great
4 out of 5
I've had a few of them so far and found a little inconsistency with the draw.
5 out of 5
Very easy draw
4 out of 5
Great Rocky Connecticut
Simply put...this is one of the best Rocky blends I've ever had and a suprize Connecticut with complex flavors...and at a great price. Try won't be sorry.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites of all time
This cigar is underrated. It is in my top 5 favorite smokes. I can't possibly say enough nice things about this cigar. Construction, draw, smell, taste... all are amazing. The taste is incredible. It is very complex but all the nuances work together amazingly to make an incredible balance. This cigar is a TREAT to enjoy. It has a lot of great taste and nice that it's a lighter shade wrapper.
5 out of 5
My favorite smokes
These have actually become my favorite cigars. I saw that this cigar had some bad reviews, so I had to jump in and share my experience. These cigars are fantastic. I've purchased multiple boxes because I love them so much. The taste is amazing. SO complex but incredibly balanced. There is so much going on in this cigar and it's wonderful to enjoy the complex tastes you'll get... but they're so well balanced and everything comes together perfectly. I give 5 out of 5 stars on these cigars. I would not hesitate.
1 out of 5
Harsh! Do NOT recommend!
Purchased 5 pack of RP signatures on Joe's Deal. Smoked 2 hoping for a better smoke, and threw 3 away. Harsh, far from mild. Disappointed in Rocky. I do NOT recommend this cigar, ever. In fact, I may never buy another Rocky
2 out of 5
Will not buy again these, waist of money
Lousy construction of the sigar, not a even draw, wrapper came apart during the smoke, got them as a Joe's daily special
Customer Testimonials
First cigar from CI I smoked. Did it in the morning and found it especially flavorful when mixed with orange juice and breakfast. You can't go wrong with these delights. Just remember to have breakfast with them too. Something about the flavor compliments your breakfast.
AC of Virginia Beach, VA
Much closer to medium than mild. Very pleased with the complexity of the flavor. Bought these on a lark given my fondness for Rocky's other offerings - in particular, the RP Connecticut is my go-to breakfast smoke. I let them age for about a month before trying, which required a lot of restraint because I usually try at least one of any blend on arrival from CI. Smoked the first one to the nub after a particularly rough day in the office. I plan on picking these up again next time I see a good sale. Make some space in your humi, let them rest, and you can thank me later.
JW of Huntersville, NC
I had never heard of this blend before and picked it up on Joe's Daily Deal. Glad I did. Didn't seem to be overly complex but had a nice smooth creamy flavor all the way through. Pretty good cigar if your looking for a good mild smoke. I will probably pick up a box after I clear out some space in my humidor.
JC of Goddard, KS
The Rocky Patel Signature Series in toro is a mild to medium bodied smoke. Dominant flavors are of dry but, earth and mild tobacco. Medium finish which coats sure pallets with nuttiness. Draw was firm with plenty of cool smoke. Construction good with no required touch ups, even burn. Overall a very satisfying smoke. I rate a 89, not as complex as Rocky's other cigars but satisfying to say the least
VF of margate, FL
I found an RP Signature buried in one of the humidors the other day. I thought I had already burned all I had of these sticks. I forgot what a wonderful blend this cigar is. I'm a morning smoker, often before daylight. I rate a cigar based on how a cigar and my coffee compliment each other. The last couple of mornings I enjoyed an RP Vintage 1999 and a Montecristo Classic. This morning I fired up the RP Signature toro. It's right up there with the Vintage 99 and Montecristo. Smooth, balanced with perfect construction and burn. I've got to put the Signature right up there with my favorites.
NW of Palm Bay, FL
BG of L.A., to answer your question about munching with a good gar, no you are not the only one. A good mild Connecticut In the morning with coffee & toast is my favorite time to smoke, I have not tried these RPs yet, but they are on sale on another site and so I always jump to see reviews on C.I. before going any further. My current favorite morning smoke (for about the last five years,) "which is about the time that I started gravitating away from the full bodies, about fifteen years into smoking cigars," has been the G2, but I will keep my eye on these and when I can afford it will try ASAP. I really count on both staff and customer CI reviews, they're usually the most spot on for a guy who doesn't taste leather and paper mache and stuff like that. C.I. rocks.
RD of Wausau, WI
The RP Signature is another GREAT mild smoke from Rocky. Richer than the RP Connecticut, less buttery, more woodsy. I love this cigar in the morning with coffee and toast (am I the only guy who smokes with food?). Puff, sip, munch, puff, sip, munch. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
BG of Los Angeles, CA
The ( Rocky Patel Connecticut) has always been my favorite cigar. The Signature Series replaced the Connecticut as my favorite cigar before I finished the first one I smoked. The flavor and balance of this "medium body" cigar blew me away. I often wondered how anyone would think to pay over $100 for a box of cigars. This cigar answered that question.
RL of Columbus , OH
I've had a couple of the 10th Anniversary Decade Toros hanging around for quite awhile ... having come in a sampler I bought when it was first introduced. I just never got around to trying one until last night, prompted by seeing the "CA" top rating last week. If they think it's that good, I thought, I've got to try this. At first light, the aroma reminded me immediately of the cigar smoke I remember in the old style barbershop we went to when we were kids. You know the kind, with a large antlered buck head on the wall and Field and Stream magazines laying around. With a big pushbroom moustache, Bernie and his brothers would smoke these stogies, while cutting hair and shooting the breeze with the customers - a man's man barbershop with no pretensions. It was what it was. Upon lighting this Decade, it all came back. And these guys were probably smoking the best Cubans they could afford at that time in the mid to late Fifties. So hat's off to Rocky for putting together a memorable cigar, reminiscent of the best old Cubans, with great aroma, smooth, full of flavor, a big smoke cigar.
S. of P.Northern, VA
Welcome to my routine, Rocky Patel Signature! I just smoked my first one, and am buying a box of both the Toro and Lancero size (and am NOT a person who buys whole boxes!). I'm usually a full-flavored cigar guy, and usually maduros at that (my favorite smoke is the RP Olde World Reserve), but this cigar is yummy enough to make a great change of pace. I'd call this a medium body (I got a decent buzz off this). To me, this cigar is just as creamy and smooth as the RP Fusion but a bit more complex--it's a flavorful, buttery, cedary cigar. There is another flavor here that I can't wrap my mind around, but it's awesome. I usually rinse my mouth out after a cigar, but I'm absolutely loving the aftertaste of this Signature. The smoke is thick and dense and hovers in the air in a really fun way, and it smells good too--I doubt my wife would even complain if she was on the deck while I smoked one of these. I knew 1/2 inch in that I liked it, and it only got better from there! Rocky keeps blowing me away, he's some kind of wizard I think. Thank you CI for introducing me to this little gem!
NJ of Dayton, OH
Wow! I am an avid Rocky Patel fan but never had the pleasure to enjoy one of these Signature Series beauties. Picked up a few of these up in a RP CI deal and forgot about them but just now found one at the bottom of my humi - and man am I glad I did! This is a superbly crafted smoke - and the Connecticut wrapper is a thing of beauty. This is a much milder smoke compared to the other RPs that I enjoy but comes thru with great flavor and smoothness. I will definitely add this to my favorites list!
TH of West Boylston, MA
In the world of so many selections and choices of cigars, I have to say that the Signature Series from Rocky Patel has been one of the best smoke ever. There is no doubt that this cigar is a part of my smoking routine...One of the best!!!
PT of JrDeLand, FL
Just got a Rocky Patel Sweet 16 sampler pack in the mail to try more of the man's handiwork, and I selected one of these right out of the pack to unwind with after a grueling day at the office. (Rocky Patel Signature Series) First things first, the smoke that came out of this stick was unbelievable - it was like an exhaust pipe! But oh what tasty smoke it was. Very creamy, with lots of that buttery taste they talk about. Pretty consistent throughout, and I smoked it down to the nub. It made me wish I had gone with a box of them (with the sampler as a freebie) instead of just four. I can only hope the other three varieties in the pack are just as good as this one. Highly recommended.
DT of Chicago, IL
I am normally more inclined to smoking a fuller cigar but I couldn't pass up the Rocky Patel Signature Series during a recent weekly special given my past positive experiences with anything Rocky Patel puts his name on. This time was no exception. The Rocky Patel Signature Series is a wonderful mild cigar with nothing mild about its quality and flavor. Notes of spice, vanilla, cedar, and come together in a smooth and buttery cigar that is perfect for any time of day. Great job once again Mr. Patel!!!
NE of Vandenberg AFB, CA
Ordered the cigar on the weekly deal. (Rocky Patel Signature Series) Rocky Patel makes a great stick! so I ordered. the packaging smells like lacquer or varnish bad. I thought great, now the cigars are going to smell and taste off.' Thankfully they were individually wrapped in celephane, proceeded to place them all in the humi-minus one. Very smooth smoke right from the start. Not to strong but a bit of spice up front. As I got it going, it mellowed into a buttery, woody, nutty flavorful stick. Un-even burn issues but not bad and a good strong ash. Cant wait to age a bit. Definately a good smoke.
MB of menasha, WI